15kVA Diesel Generator - The Uninterrupted Power Solution

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Experience the unparalleled stability of our 15kVA Diesel Generator with Air Cooling, acclaimed for its robustness and effectiveness. This self-contained power source integrates a reliable diesel engine, a potent alternator, and an air-cooling feature for optimal efficiency. Portability is ensured with a skid-mounted design:

  • Prime Power Output: ISO8528 compliant, tolerates 10% overload.
  • Smooth Integration: Engine and alternator share a common frame with anti-vibration dampers for reduced noise.
  • Enhanced Safety: Includes automatic shutdown upon exceeding parameters, equipped with urgent warning system for critical readings.
  • Included Accessories: Operator manuals, toolkit, spare switches/sensors.
  • Additional Products: Upgrades with Automatic Mains Failure units and a range of spare parts.
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15kVA Diesel Generator: A Premium Solutions for Uninterrupted Power Supply

Experience a power-packed performance with the 15kVA Diesel Generator, a comprehensive and efficient power solution. With carefully constructed features designed to ensure durability and flawless performance, this is a perfect power companion for homes, factories, offices and more.

Key Features

  • Robust output rating of 15 kVA or 12.0 kW, ensuring a steady supply for your power necessities
  • Prime power rating as per ISO8528, ensuring a reliable performance to meet your power requirements
  • Capable of handling a 10% overload for one hour within any 12 hours, providing a stable power supply even in demanding conditions
  • Integrated fuel tank with capacity to run the generator for 8 hours at rated capacity, reducing the hassle for refuel
  • Superior engine fitted with crucial features like cartridge air filter, external fuel filter, cartridge oil filter and residential silencer for prolonged performance
  • Comprehensive panel board comprising necessary elements such as change-over switch, automatic main circuit breaker, emergency stop button, plus a variety of alarms and gauges for effortless operation monitoring
  • Inbuilt safety measures including an automatic shutdown system that initiates in case of low oil pressure, engine temperature surge or over-speed, safeguarding against potential power mishaps
  • Advanced alternator with IP23 protection class, providing a stable voltage output and shielding your electricals from voltage fluctuations
  • Optional customizations available for specific needs: automatic mains failure, automatic transfer switch, generator canopy, additional fuel tank, trailer mounting, and more

Engineered with Excellence

This generator is designed meticulously, with an efficient diesel engine complemented by a screen-protected, brushless, air-cooled, and synchronous alternator. With a built-in speed governor capable of managing up to 1800rpm, the generator ensures optimal performance and smooth operations.

Accessories for Ease

With accessories such as maintenance manuals, spare part catalogs, a toolkit, essential spare parts and a complete set of replacement switches/sensors, managing the generator is a cinch.

Undoubtedly, the 15kVA Diesel Generator is your solution for uninterrupted power.

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