75kVA Diesel Driven Water Cooled Generator Set: Reliable & Efficient Power Provider

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75kVA Diesel Driven Water Cooled Generator Set: Reliable and Powerful Energy Solution

Our 75kVA Diesel Driven Water Cooled Generator Set is a robust and sustainable source of energy utilized in diverse environments. Engineered for independent operation, it’s an essential asset for varied applications.

  • Power Output: Consistently outputs 75kVA at 1500rpm, fueled by a robust diesel engine and cooled via an efficient water mechanism.
  • Comprehensive Componentry: Embeds an engine, alternator, control system, starting apparatus, fuel tank, operation instructions, and maintenance toolkit into its compact construction.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Equips safety shutdown, commercial-grade silencer, automatic voltage regulator, and secure grounding connection to ensure safe operation.
  • Customizable Options: Accommodates additional features such as Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), noise-discounting canopy, weather proofing, and trailer mounting capabilities.
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Reliable, Efficient, and Powerful 75kVA Diesel Driven Water Cooled Generator Set

Delivering unrivaled performance for a varied range of civil infrastructure projects, our 75kVA Diesel Driven Water Cooled Generator Set is the definition of power and stability. It's a stand-alone unit ideally designed for consistent power provision, ensuring your project keeps running smoothly without interruptions.

The ultra-efficient generator set works at a steady pace of 1500rpm, effortlessly producing up to 75kVA power suitable for diverse applications. At its heart lies a robust, diesel-driven, water-cooled engine augmented with a freshwater loop and tropical radiator allowing optimal operation even under extreme conditions.

This powerhorse is equipped with a brushless, synchronous alternator boasting impressive rapid voltage regulation, guaranteeing stable power release under fluctuating load conditions. Helping you power up swiftly is an automatic electric starter, heralding a prompt kick start when needed.

Notable features include an 8-hour capacity fuel tank ensuring extended periods of operation, and an advanced control panel equipped with an automatic main circuit breaker. An emergency stop and a change-over switch are added to streamline management and enhance safety.

The inbuilt automatic shutdown systems, accessible grounding system, and industrial-grade silencer provide real-time parameter monitoring and additional safeguards. Crucial add-ons like the Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), a weather-protective and sound-reducing canopy make this generator set adaptable across various installations. With each purchase, operation, maintenance manuals, a toolkit, and spare parts are included for a smooth service life.

  • Round-the-clock power delivery of up to 75kVA at 1500rpm
  • Astoundingly hard-wearing, water-cooled, diesel-fuelled engine
  • Efficient, brushless alternator with swift voltage regulation
  • Durable 8-hour capacity fuel tank
  • Advanced control panel incorporating safety and user-friendly features
  • Automatic real-time monitoring through shutdown systems
  • Universal features for broad-based applications

Embrace an extraordinary level of reliable productivity, worry-free operations, and optimal power utilization with our 75kVA Diesel Driven Water Cooled Generator Set for a seamless power experience.

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