Powerful 150kVA Diesel Water-cooled Generator Set for High-demand Infrastructure Projects

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150kVA Diesel Water-Cooled Generator Set for Infrastructure – A robust and dependable power solution optimized for heavy-duty applications. Key attributes include:

  • Exceptional Performance: Delivers sustained output of 150kVA at a steady 50Hz frequency.
  • Efficient Diesel Engine: Inclusive of an automatic electric starter, high-efficiency filtration system, and built-in safety features for superior performance.
  • Robust Construction: Water-cooled, skid-mounted components housed within a steel panel board for increased durability and stability.
  • Full-Service Package: Comes with operation guidelines, maintenance tools, and a two-year essential spare parts kit.
  • Flexible Upgrades: Optional enhancements include sound attenuation and automatic mains failure features.
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Reliable Power Supply with Diesel Water-cooled Generator Set, 150kVA for Infrastructure Projects

Revolutionalize your power source with our top-tier Diesel Water-cooled Generator Set. Our power-up solution is meticulously designed to generate 150kVA at a 1500rpm speed, unequivocally ensuring superior performance even in the most formidable conditions. Garner absolute reliability with this robust generator set that is perfect for your power-intensive infrastructure operations.

Unrivalled Product Features:

  • Standalone setup comprising a powerful diesel engine, alternator, high-tech control panel, automatic initiation system, and robust fuel tank for exceptional self-reliance.
  • Delivers 150kVA and 120kW power with a power factor (Cos. phi) of 0.8. Ideal for 400/230V, 3-phase, 50 Hz applications.
  • Equipped with a resilient diesel engine furnished with a mechanical speed governor and an air filtration system to enhance performance and longevity.
  • Embeds an industrial-grade silencer and an automatic electric starter, promoting silent operation and energy efficiency.
  • Filled with an external fuel filter and a cartridge oil filter to ensure system cleanliness and seamless operation.
  • The built-in fuel tank is compatible with 8 hours of non-stop operation at rated capacity, eliminating frequent refills.
  • Brushless alternator with an automatic voltage regulator and CEE Sockets - one 3-pole and one 5-pole for fast and easy connectivity.
  • Fitted with a comprehensive panel board protector complete with main circuit breaker and alarms for crucial parameters.
  • Automatic shutdown mechanism for parameters exceeding safe limits, promoting equipment safety.
  • The entire system is skid-mounted, for easy transportation and installation, reducing logistics effort and costs.
  • Comes with necessary accessories such as operation guides, coolant/antifreeze liquid, tool kit, and spare parts.

Optimal Usage:

This Diesel Water-cooled Generator Set is perfect for power-oriented infrastructure environments such as hospitals, water treatment plants, and other public utilities that require sustained and significant power.

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