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Reliable 8kVA Diesel Generator Set – Efficient and Powerful

An exceptional and durable 8kVA Diesel Generator Set offering constant, efficient power. Operating at 400/230V and a 50Hz, 3-Phase frequency, it delivers top-notch stability and performance. The unit is equipped with a long-lasting, air-cooled diesel engine and automatic voltage regulator. It boasts a user-friendly panel and protective measures for enhanced safety. The design allows optimal performance regardless of the environmental conditions.

  • Power Output: 8kVA (6.4kW)
  • Operational Voltage and Frequency: 400/230V, 50Hz, 3-Phase
  • Engine Type: Durable Air-Cooled Diesel
  • Voltage Control: Automatic Voltage Regulator for Consistent Output
  • Safety Features: Design enhanced with Protective Measures and User-friendly Panel
  • Environmental Adaptability: Designed to Perform optimally under Varying Conditions
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Introducing our Reliable 8kVA Diesel Generator Set, a pinnacle of power and efficiency. This versatile generator set has been meticulously designed to provide dependable, consistent performance for a range of applications, offering a perfect blend of power and performance.

Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential use, our generator set exhibits outstanding capabilities and durability to meet your power requirements without any compromise.

Key Features:

  • 8kVA Rated Power: Ample power capacity to meet demanding needs
  • 3-Phase Power Supply: 50Hz frequency at NTP for stable, consistent power output
  • Diesel Engine: High-performing air-cooled design for efficiency over time
  • Voltage Regulator: Automatic action for maintaining consistent voltage levels
  • Alternator: Air-cooled, brushless design ensures reliability
  • Design: Skid-mounted for facile transportation to various locations

Safety Measures:

  • Automatic Shutdown: For protection against low oil pressure and high engine temperature
  • Emergency Stop Button: Quick response during emergencies
  • Warning System: Swift alerts for electrical and mechanical faults for immediate troubleshooting

Environmental Adaptability:

  • Altitude: Operates efficiently up to 150m above sea level
  • Temperature Tolerance: Performs efficiently from -10u00b0C to 55u00b0C
  • Dust Storm Resistance: Rugged design for durability in challenging environments

Additional Attributes:

  • Spare Parts: Set for 2000 hours of operation within two years
  • User-friendly: Comes with operation manuals, spare part catalogues, and installation guides
  • Tool Kit and Coolant: Essential tools and fluids are included
  • Environmentally Friendly: Engine meets emission standards for lower environmental impact

Utilize the efficient and long-lasting performance of the Reliable 8kVA Diesel Generator Set for all your power needs. Experience power like never before!

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