High-Performance 5kVA Portable Diesel Generator Set - Reliable Power Solution

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High-Performance 5kVA Portable Diesel Generator Set – A La Carte Power Solution: This compact and transportable diesel generator provides high-performance power solutions on-demand.

  • Engine: It boasts an air-cooled, direct-injection diesel with electric start and integrated safety provisions.
  • Tank Capacity: Offers operational efficiency of up to 8 hours.
  • Storage: Safely stored in a wooden enclosure to shield from extreme weather conditions, promoting longevity.
  • Additional Accessories: Improve functionality with the addition of power cables, silent canopy, and manual pump with counter (sold separately).
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Embrace Stability with the High-Performance 5kVA Portable Diesel Generator Set

For all your power needs across varied applications, our High-Performance 5kVA Portable Diesel Generator Set offers a dynamic and reliable power solution. Designed with precision, this generator set effectively combines power, performance, and portability, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

Key Features

  • Built with a robust skid frame fortified with anti-vibration dampers and lifting eyes, the generator promises stability and ease of transportation.
  • Equipped with a brushless, self-excited, and self-regulated alternator, it ensures a constant power output.
  • The generator employs a direct injection, air-cooled diesel engine, optimizing performance and providing rapid, electric push-button start up.
  • Essential safety features such as low oil pressure (LOP) and high engine temperature (HET) cutoff are included to prevent potential engine damage.
  • The generator set includes a high-efficiency fuel tank that ensures up to 8 hours of continuous operation.
  • Featuring a user-friendly and multifunctional control panel equipped with an ammeter, voltmeter, circuit breaker, among other features, it prioritizes control and convenience.
  • All essential manuals for operation, maintenance, and spare parts are included for easy reference and trouble-free usage.
  • Fast-moving spare parts for one year of operation are included, reducing maintenance hassles and increasing value for end-users.

Additional Accessories to Enhance Operation

To maximize the functionality of the diesel generator set, we offer diverse specialized accessories such as power and distribution cables, an outdoor distribution panel, and an assortment of electrical plugs. These additions can greatly enhance the versatility and utility of the generator set.

Sound Storage and Transportation Practices

The generator set is delivered to you in a secure wooden box with the appropriate Hazardous Material certification, ensuring a safe transit process. To ensure longevity, keep the product stored away from direct sunlight or rain.

Our High-Performance 5kVA Portable Diesel Generator Set promises reliable and superior performance to meet diverse operational needs, making it a smart addition to your power supply solutions.

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