20kVA Diesel Generator Set: Uninterrupted Power Supply | Robust & Reliable

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The 20kVA Diesel Generator Set ensures a steady, uninterrupted power supply, suitable for diverse conditions. It is a high-performing unit with several key features:

  • Efficient Diesel Engine: Durable and guarantees optimum performance.
  • Innovative Alternator: Enables rapid automatic voltage regulation.
  • Protective Control Panel: Simplifies the operation process.
  • Extreme Environment-Handling: Withstands up to 55°C, ensuring reliability in various conditions.
  • Operational Duration: Capable of running for 8 hours at its rated capacity.
  • Inclusive Package: Comes with a user guide, spare parts catalog, and essential toolkit.
  • Optional Enhanced Features: Options for Automatic Mains Failure intervention and a protective canopy for increased durability.
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20kVA Diesel Generator Set: Your Reliable and Robust Power Solution

Meet the 20kVA Diesel Generator Set - a reliable and innovative power solution designed to cater to a wide range of power needs. Boosted by advanced technology and a superior performance capability, our generator assures strong, stable, and uninterrupted power supply even under extreme conditions.

Optimized Performance with Advanced Features

  • Powered by a robust diesel engine integrated with an efficient fuel injection system for autonomous functioning.
  • Auto-starting mechanism allows smooth, easy operation while eliminating inconvenience.
  • The generator ensures a 20kVA rated power capacity and a substantial 16kW power output at 0.8 power factor.
  • Comes equipped with a premier alternator, a rapid voltage regulator ensuring continuous, stable power supply to your establishment.
  • Features a modern, user-friendly control panel offering features such as an emergency stop button, built-in circuit breaker, and detailed alarm systems for utmost safety.

Designed for Durability and Protection

  • Sporting a robust build, the generator is designed for endurance, able to operate safely at maximum temperatures of 55°C.
  • It includes a residential silencer and mechanical speed governor to ensure optimized performance with minimal disruption.
  • Employs protection mechanisms for scenarios such as low oil pressure, engine overheating, or belt failure to promote reliability and secure operation.

Bespoke Options Tailored to Your Needs

  • With customization options for Automatic Mains Failure (AMF), sound-attenuated and weather-protective canopy, recoil starting, and trailer mounting, the generator can be tailored to user-specific requirements.

Assured Reliability

  • The generator comes with comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals in English, a complete spare parts catalog, and a toolkit for easy handling.
  • We also ensure the provision of abundant spare parts, assuring smooth operation for 2000 operation hours within two years.

Safe & Efficient Packaging and Specifications

  • The generator is safely enclosed in a sea-worthy box for safe transport, weighing approximately 440kg with space consumption of 1.87cbm.
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