Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Control Kit - Reliable HIV Testing Solution

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The Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Control Kit is a high-precision single-use HIV test kit suitable for a diverse sample pool, including whole blood, serum, or plasma. This kit boasts of an uncompromised accuracy rate and extended shelf-life.

  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Pinpoints and distinguishes antibodies for HIV-1 and HIV-2.
  • Efficient Design: Includes all essential components for a comprehensive test: Positive Control, Negative Control, Labels Card, and User Instructions.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Extra test included for repeatedly reactive specimens – providing a thorough examination.
  • Storage & Longevity: For optimal shelf-life (12 months post-manufacture) store between 2-8°C
  • User Pre-requirements: For optimal usage, necessary accessories include disposable gloves, biohazard disposal containers, a precise pipet, a timing device, and the Geenius Reader with the updated software.
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Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Control Kit - State-Of-The-Art HIV Testing Solution

Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Control Kit stands as a gold standard in HIV testing solutions. Designed to provide reliable and accurate results, it specifically confirms and differentiates antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2.

Suitable for use with fingerstick whole blood, venous whole blood, serum, or plasma samples, this kit promises versatility and practicability. By leveraging modern technology, it offers a user-friendly approach to HIV-1/2 detection, reaffirming results obtained from screening assays.

Features and Inclusions:

The kit smoothly integrates into any laboratory setup and provides everything you need for successful testing, including:

  • Positive Control (1 x 120 µl)
  • Negative Control (1 x 120 µl)
  • 20 Positive Control Labels Card
  • 20 Negative Control Labels Card
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual

Storage and Handling:

The Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Control Kit ensures a shelf life of 12 months under optimal storage conditions (2 - 8°C). All kit components should be brought to room temperature before use to ensure optimal performance. Ensure to adhere strictly to manufacturer's instructions concerning the test procedure, result reading time, and the use of non-expired reagents.

Minimal Environmental Impact:

This HIV testing solution poses no known risks to the environment, making it safe for use in eco-conscious labs and healthcare facilities. Ensure to adhere to all institutional and governmental regulations for biohazard waste disposal following use.

Safety Measures:

Please ensure all lab personnel handling the kit wear disposable gloves and follow biohazard waste disposal procedures. This kit should be used only under the supervision of trained lab personnel, particularly during the handling and usage of serum or plasma samples.

Benefits of Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Control Kit:

It stands out in the market for its high reliability and accurate diagnosis of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies. This kit serves as a vital tool in the domain of point-of-care solutions and is particularly advantageous for use in combination with the Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Assay (Product reference: 72460). The manufacturer's product reference number is 72329.

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