GBW Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Pump - High-efficiency & Durable Pump for Chemical Industries

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The GBW Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Pump – Horizontal is a top-notch solution for chemical industries required for handling 80-100% Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) at temperatures from 60 to 80°C, guaranteeing high performance and durability. Key features consist of:

  • Efficient and Silent Operations: Realised through a perfectly balanced and concentric shaft and impeller, supplemented by low-noise pump bearings
  • Premium No-Leak Technology: Integrated with an externally installed A-grade mechanical seal, enhancing service life
  • Space-Efficient Design: Comes with outlets in three orientations (left, right, up), simplifying installation
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GBW Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Pump - Horizontal: Engineered for High-Efficiency and Durability in Chemical Industries

The GBW Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Pump stands as a paramount engineering solution for efficiency and longevity in various chemical industries. Manufactured with superior quality materials, such as special cast iron and carbon steel, this state-of-the-art pump is designed to offer peak productivity and reliability.

  • Precision Engineered: The shaft and impeller have been meticulously crafted, achieving the perfect concentricity and dynamic balance, resulting in vibration-free operation.
  • No Leakage Technology: This pump incorporates an advanced, externally fitted mechanical seal offering stringent protection against leakages and ensuring long-lasting, safe operation.
  • Quiet Operation: Benefiting from two low-noise pump bearings, this pump functions smoothly whilst producing minimal operational noise.
  • High Durability: Simple yet effective design combined with top-grade components reduces the failure rate, enhancing pump lifespan.
  • Convenient Maintenance: The seals and bearings are easily replaceable, offering hassle-free maintenance.
  • Compact Design: The versatile, space-saving design with outlets in three directions (left, right, and up) simplifies piping installation.

The GBW50-125 model is designed with a suction and discharge outlet diameter of 50mm and an impeller diameter of 125mm. Capable of handling 80-100% sulfuric acid at temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius, this model exhibits unparalleled performance and superior corrosion resistance. Rely on the GBW Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Pump for optimal operational performance, safety, and efficiency.

Key Features in Focus:

  • Advanced precision for perfect concentricity and dynamic balance.
  • No Leakage technology: externally fitted mechanical seal for superior safety.
  • Quiet operation: low-noise pump bearings.
  • Highly durable: low failure rate and easy maintenance.
  • Compact design: outlets in three directions for simplified installation.
  • Highly efficient: Can handle 80-100% sulfuric acid at 60-80 °C.

Invest in the GBW Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Pump for the security of optimal performance and enhanced productivity for your chemical processing needs.

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