Premium Silicone Gasket for Filter Support - Precision Device for Impeccable Water Quality Testing

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Premium Silicone Gasket for Filter Support – Optimal for Water Quality Testing

Enhance your filtration efficacy with our Premium Silicone Gasket for Filter Support. Crafted from sturdy, ever-lasting silicone rubber, it delivers top-tier sealing capabilities. Geared for Buchner Flasks and 47mm filter paper, it simplifies and quickens water quality testing, particularly for MICS.

  • Durable: Engineered from sturdy silicone rubber for prolonged usability.
  • Efficiency Booster: Amplifies vacuum filtration productivity.
  • Universal Compatibility: Ideal for Buchner Flasks and 47mm filter paper.
  • Simple Operation: Provides effortless installation and removal.
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Premium Silicone Gasket for Filter Support - Optimal Solution for Water Quality Testing

Introduce revolutionary precision to your laboratory or testing environment with our Premium Silicone Gasket for Filter Support. Engineered for exactitude and unparalleled longevity, this indispensable product stands at the forefront of contemporary water quality testing solutions.

Key Auxiliaries:

  • Superior Formulation: Crafted from top-tier silicone rubber, our premium gasket assures steadfast performance and exceptional durability. Its robust construction negates wear and tear, making it tailor-made for rigorous filtration techniques.
  • Precision-Based Design: Our gasket flaunts a 49.8mm outer diameter, designed explicitly for seamless integration with a plastic filter support. Its compatibility with a Buchner Flask and a 47mm diameter filter paper and funnel render it versatile for varied uses.
  • Relentless Sealing: Equipped with a savvy design, our gasket delivers robust sealing, precluding any leakage during the filtration process. It ensures the verity of water quality testing results - an attribute integral to sustaining rigorous control protocols.
  • Cornerstone for Quality Management: Our gasket is an indispensable element in water quality management strategies, delivering precise inspection outcomes. Make it your companion for achieving exhaustive compliance with water quality control procedure mandates.


Material: High-grade Silicone Rubber

Colour: Transparent RAL 9003

Diameter: 49.8mm (Outer)

Thickness: 6mm

Use: Suitable only for water quality testing procedures

Additional Details:

Related products: UNICEF Material Code S0000596

Caution: Keep out of reach of children


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