G-Type Screw Press–Optimized Fluid Transport Solution

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G-Type Screw Press – High-Performance Fluid Transportation Solution

An efficient pump designed for diverse applications, transferring fluids with ease and reliability. Key attributes:

  • Highly versatile: Compatible with various transmission methods including motors, belts, and gearboxes.
  • Reliable Performance: Showcases a high output pressure of 0.6MPa and a self-priming height of approximately 6m.
  • Convenient Design: Simplified structure ensures easy maintenance with quick assembly and disassembly.
  • Unmatched Resilience: Functions effortlessly with mediums that range up to 80 degrees Celsius, with special requirements of up to 150 degrees Celsius.

Engineered to provide an optimal solution for all fluid transportation needs with outstanding quality and efficacy.

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Meet the G-Type Screw Press: Your High-Performance Solution for Fluid Transportation

The G-Type Screw Press is a high-end displacement pump, designed for revolutionizing fluid transportation. Manufactured with a mix of functionality and performance in mind, this device integrates a meticulously computed rotation of the screw - making the fluid transition process seamless and efficient.

  • Precision Pump Geometry: It consists of a unique sealed cavity created through axial flow, ensuring a stable internal flow rate. This feature allows the pump to maintain a stable pressure and constant volume for optimized fluid transport.
  • High-Performance Construction: Our pump boasts an impressive output pressure of 0.6MPa on each stage, a lift of 60m (water), and a self-priming height of about 6m, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Thermal Resistance: Built to endure medium temperatures below 80°C, and adaptable to resist up to 150°C, this pump offers unparalleled thermal resistance, making it perfect for versatile applications.
  • Flexible Stator Material: Ideal for transmitting high viscosity fluids or mediums imbued with suspended particles or rigid fibers.
  • Simplified Construction: With minimal parts and a compact build, this pump proves easy to maintain, install, disassemble and reassemble.
  • Versatile Transmission: The G-Type Screw Press Pump provides multiple drive options, including direct drive coupling or usage of a motor, belt, variable speed gearbox.

The G-Type Screw Press stands as a symbol of quality, durability, and performance. This fluid transportation solution ensures reliability and smooth, efficient operation for all your pumping needs.

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