G-Belt Gear Screw: High-Performance Industry Speed Reducer

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G-Belt Gear Screw – This ingenious speed reducer functions through a circuitous displacement pump system. It’s engineered for high-performance applications, using an eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator). Notable features include:

  • Low-flow design: Creates a separate sealed cavity for axial-flow, ensuring consistency in volume and pressure.
  • Particle-handling: Ideal for high-viscosity fluids, and media with suspended particles or rigid fibers.
  • Easy maintenance: Simplified structure with fewer components.
  • Compatibility: Adaptable with direct drive coupling, and diverse motor/gearbox setups.

Key specifications include flow of 0-150m3/h, head of 60-120m, power of 0.75-37kw, speed of 120-2000r/min, diameter of 20-135mm, and operational temperature range of -15-200°C.

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G-Belt Gear Screw: Premium-Performance Speed Reducer for Industrial Applications

Introducing the G-Belt Gear Screw, a product developed to transform the world of speed reducers by leveraging meticulously engineered components. Its function is grounded in the engagement circuitous displacement pump, ensuring a highly efficient reduction mechanism.

Core Components

Fundamentally comprised of a rotor (an eccentric screw) and a stator (a stationary bushing), the design forms a distinct, sealed chamber. This creates constant axial flow, a stable pressure, and constant volume whilst restricting the rate of internal flow.

Incomparable Operational Efficiency

This design cuts back on eddy currents and stirring, boosting the device's efficiency and reducing the need for maintenance. It can handle medium temperatures up to 80u00b0C as standard and can be modified to handle temperatures up to 150u00b0C.

Diverse Handling Capabilities

The G-Belt Gear Screw excellently handles high viscosity mediums and materials with suspended particles or hard fibers. Its compact design further enhances its operational efficiency while reducing maintenance requirements.

Operational Adaptability

This gear screw offers unparalleled adaptability to fit varied operational demands. It can work with direct drive couplings or numerous motor and gearbox configurations without performance compromise.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable flow rate within 0-150m3/h
  • Encompassing head with 60-120m range
  • Power capacity between 0.75-37kw
  • Operational speed range from 120-2000r/min
  • Suitable for diameters from 20-135mm
  • Handles temperature range from -15-200u00b0C

Applicable Industries

Given its unique benefits and unrivaled performance, the G-Belt Gear Screw serves as the top-notch speed reducer choice across various industries, including manufacturing, construction, mechanical processing, and more.

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