FY Series Liquid Pumps: Swiss-Engineered Efficiency and Durability

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FY Series Liquid Pumps: Integrating Swiss technology, our energy efficient pumps with a vertical submerged design save space and investment. The double-balanced centrifugal impeller offers quiet operation with minimal vibration. With an ability to effectively transport solid particles and cleaning media, our pumps ensure high efficiency and durability. Ideal for sectors like petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and sewage treatment. The absence of mechanical seals simplifies maintenance and boosts work efficiency. Model specification: 50FYB-25AK

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Introducing FY Series Liquid Pumps: The Pinnacle of Efficiency, Versatility, and Durability

The FY Series Liquid Pumps embody advanced Swiss engineering, revolutionizing the traditional anti-submerged pumps with their innovative design and unparalleled features. Enhancing efficiency and longevity, they are adaptable to a myriad of industries like petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making, metallurgy, and sewage treatment.

Unrivalled Features

  • Space-saving vertical submerged pump design that simplifies installation and reduces infrastructure investment.
  • Double-balanced centrifugal impeller that is proficient in handling solid particles and cleaning media, ensuring minimal vibration, reduced noise, and efficient performance.
  • The elimination of mechanical seals mitigates maintenance concerns and expenses, thereby augmenting workforce efficiency.

Understanding Your Pump: Model 50FYB-25AK Explained

The model 50FYB-25AK comes with a unique set of features:

  • 50 - indicates the pump's suction diameter (mm).
  • FY - identifies it as a Sump Pump.
  • B - signifies the use of high-quality 1Cr18Ni9Ti Material.
  • 25 - represents the Head (m).
  • A - shows it retains the first modification of the cutting wheel.
  • K - symbolizes an open impeller.

The FY Series liquid pumps are redefining efficiency, adaptability, and longevity in liquid management.

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