Foster WIC Mono Block 40m3 – Supreme Vaccine Cold Storage Choice

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Foster WIC Mono Block 40m3: This top-tier cooling solution expertly preserves large quantities of vaccines. Features include:

  • Dual refrigeration: Ensures continuous operation, with 100% standby capacity.
  • Intelligent electrical control: Safeguards against electrical disruptions and surges.
  • Superior insulation: Optimizes energy efficiency and uninterrupted performance.
  • Compliance with IEC 60335-1 safety rating: Added protection via visual and audible alarms.

Includes two-year warranty with multi-language support. Dimensions: External (L=4460 x W=4460 x H=2300 mm), Internal (L=4260 x W=4260 x H=2100 mm).

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Foster WIC Mono Block 40m3: Elite Vaccine Cold Storage Solution

A breakthrough in vaccine preservation, the Foster WIC Mono Block 40m3 articulates an unparalleled fusion of advanced refrigeration, robust construction, and innovative control system. Specially designed to assure the optimal environment for vaccine storage, this unit exemplifies the quality and reliability that has become synonymous with the Foster brand.

Superlative Space and Refrigeration

Boasting an expansive 40m3 storage capacity, the Foster WIC Mono Block 40m3 offers a practical solution for large-scale vaccine storage, with dimensions of L=4460 x W=4460 x H=2300 mm. The unit features a dual refrigeration system, ensuring continuous cooling even in the most demanding situations. The R404a refrigerant used is CFC-free, marking the Foster WIC Mono Block 40m3 as an ecologically responsible choice.

Unswerving Controls and Strong Construction

With phase failure protection and voltage spike resistance, this cold room provides consistent and reliable cooling required for sensitive vaccines. Its panel construction for the walls, roof, and floor offers exceptional insulation, maintaining a steady temperature and ensuring continuous vaccine efficacy.

Innovative Features

Augmenting its functionality, Foster’s Cold Room includes automatic defrosting and a duty sharing system that optimizes usage. Additional features such as LED lights, an alarm system, and a stainless steel shelving system, capable of supporting up to 300kg per shelf, enhance efficiency and ease of use.

Exceptional Warranty

To secure your investment, a two-year comprehensive warranty envelops the Foster WIC Mono Block 40m3, covering any component failures resulting from a flaw in design, materials, or workmanship.

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