Foster WIC Mono Block 10m3 - Premium Vaccine Cold Room Storage Solution

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Foster WIC Mono Block 10m3: Advanced Vaccine Cold Room Solution

An innovative cold storage system, the Foster WIC Mono Block 10m3 is designed explicitly for vaccine storage, maintaining optimal temperatures of 2u00b0C – 8u00b0C, even in peak ambient conditions of 43u00b0C.

  • Dual refrigeration units ensure reliable, uninterrupted cooling capability.
  • Features integrated protections against phase failure and voltage surges to prevent electrical accidents.
  • Environmentally conscious design includes CFC-free R404a refrigerant and insulative panels made from recycled materials.
  • Durable interior comprises stainless-steel shelves, energy-saving LED lights, and a robust, galvanized steel floor.
  • Safety measures incorporate an alarm system, precise temperature monitoring, and auto-defrost.
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Foster WIC Mono Block 10m3: Your Ultimate Vaccine Cold Room Storage Solution

Foster WIC Mono Block 10m3 sets a new standard in the storage of vaccines, offering an optimal preservation environment designed to guarantee their potency. With its volume of 10m3, this cold room accommodates a vast range of vaccines, making it a crucial tool for national and sub-national level health organizations.

Key Features:

  • The Dual refrigeration units provide a full 100% standby capacity that guarantees an uninterrupted cooling environment, preserving the efficacy of the vaccines.
  • The cold room operates at a temperature range of 2°C - 8°C, maintaining the stability of stored vaccines even under an ambient temperature of up to 43°C.
  • The advanced electrical control system protects against phase failures and voltage fluctuations, an added assurance for the continuous preservation of your vaccines.
  • The Foster WIC Mono Block 10m3 utilizes an eco-friendly, CFC-free refrigerant gas R404a. This feature reduces the carbon footprint and aligns with global climate and sustainability goals.
  • The room is built using premium quality polyurethane insulation contained within a CFC-free panel and a rugged galvanized steel interior; a testament to its superior build and robustness.
  • For its exterior and interior walls, a food-safe white laminate adds longevity, making it highly durable for an extended period.
  • A battery-backed alarm system signals visually and audibly, providing an extra layer of safety. Also, the room features energy-efficient LED lights.
  • Certified safe by IEC 60335-1, this model strictly adheres to international safety norms and protocols.
  • Temperature regulation is precise with a dedicated monitor system and a 100mm dial thermometer, a crucial element for maintaining vaccine effectiveness.
  • The cold storage features a reliable lock system in its sturdy door, along an internal safety release to maintain optimal storage conditions. A practical plastic strip curtain is also included.
  • A two-year warranty accompanies this model, reflecting commitment towards product reliability and longevity.

Shipping Information: The Foster WIC Mono Block 10m3 ships at an approximate weight of 960 Kg and has an estimated shipping volume of 8.92 m3.

The Foster WIC Mono Block 10m3 combines temperature performance, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability seamlessly. Its innovative features make it a frontrunner in vaccine storage solutions, facilitating global health initiatives effectively.

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