Forceps, Uterine Museux 240mm: Unparalleled Precision & Grip for Gynaecological Procedures

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Forceps, Uterine Museux 240mm is an essential gynecological tool developed for obstetrics experts.

  • It features a secure grip for profound gripping and immobilizing in diverse medical scenarios.
  • Its unique curved shape caters precise control, providing optimal traction and anatomical specificity.
  • Durability and dependability is guaranteed as it is engineered with martensitic steel.
  • The tool offers enhanced security due to its inbuilt resilient ratchet that can be locked, ensuring stability during procedures.

This particular tool epitomizes the pinnacle of reliability and precision in the medical field

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The Forceps, Uterine Museux 240mm is a quintessential medical instrument designed for surgical efficiency and patient safety during gynecological procedures. Crafted carefully with utmost diligence, it provides excellent control and a secure grip, proving to be an invaluable addition to the surgical toolkit.

Uncompromising Quality for Unrivalled Performance

  • Strategically equipped with 2x2 teeth offering stronger grip and superior traction for enhanced surgical performance.
  • Distinct curved design tailored to facilitate easy access and superior maneuverability within the uterine cavity for improved surgical precision.
  • Exceptional adjustment of the teeth for ideal control, aiding in seamless performance during surgical procedures.
  • Durable and stable ratchet mechanism allowing secure grip and steadiness that provides added safety during surgical operations.

Form Meets Function: Material and Design

  • Manufactured from a robust martensitic steel blend comprising 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium, ensuring resistance to corrosion and enhancing the product lifespan.
  • Its optimal size with a 24 cm length and jaw dimensions of 8-10mm makes it practical and adaptable for various surgical procedures.

User-Friendly and Easy Maintenance

  • Comes individually packed in plastic bags with clear labels for straightforward identification and organization.
  • The product can be effortlessly sterilized following standardized protocols, ensuring cleanliness and high surgical hygiene standards.

Role in Surgical Procedures

The Forceps, Uterine Museux 240mm is crafted meticulously to grip and immobilize thick tissues during intricate gynecological procedures. Its precise control and superior grip make it a crucial instrument for achieving surgical success.

Integration with Surgical Toolkits

As an integral part of the extensive Surg. inst., curettage / SET (S9910002), this forceps adds substantial value to gynecological toolkits, enhancing surgical efficiency and patient safety.

Key Product Specifications

  • Weight: 0.100kg
  • Volume: 0.156cdm

Choose the Forceps, Uterine Museux 240mm for your gynecological operations to experience its reliable constitution, firm grip, and precise control.

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