Premium Tissue Forceps 250mm Straight with Superior Grip - High Quality Martensitic Steel for Surgical Efficiency

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Premium Tissue Forceps – Straight, 250mm Length, Superior Grip, Martensitic Steel for Surgical Efficiency

  • Durably constructed using martensitic steel with 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium content, ensuring high-corrosion resistance and longevity.
  • High precision and easy handling guaranteed by the superior grip and generous 250mm length, which ensures controlled gripping and dissecting of tissues.
  • Efficient tissue manipulation ability aided by springy 1 x 2 teeth-equippped forceps, increasing surgical procedure efficiency.
  • Wide application scope with flexible arms fit for diverse surgical and nursing scenarios, making them an essential part of any comprehensive surgical instrument kit.
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Product Description: Step into the world of exceptional surgical efficiency with our Premium Tissue Forceps 250mm Straight, Superior Grip, Martensitic Steel. Uniquely engineered for best-in-class performance, our tissue forceps take tissue manipulation, dissection and coagulation to the next level. Offering superior grip, these forceps guarantee utmost care and control during delicate procedures, bolstering safety and ease in operations.

Premium Material: Made of martensitic steel comprising 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium, our tissue forceps combine impressive strength with corrosion resistance for long-lasting, reliable performance.

  • Flexible Dissector: Our forceps come equipped with 1 x 2 teeth to facilitate precise, supple dissection.
  • Wide Usability: The flexible arms of our forceps make them hugely versatile, ideal for a diverse range of medical procedures.
  • Secure Handling: Enjoy enhanced control during surgery with superior grip tissue forceps, minimizing the chance of slippage during procedures.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Rest assured of extended use thanks to the martensitic steel construction that provides excellent resistance to corrosion.

Packaging & Labeling: For the sake of hygiene and convenience, each forceps is individually packed in a plastic bag and included in a box of ten units. Necessary product information, storage conditions, and handling instructions are clearly laid out on the packaging.

Dimensions & Weight: Weighing in at an approximate 0.070kg and occupying a calculated space of 0.016cdm, our tissue forceps are light and easy to handle.

Usage Instructions: Our forceps are primarily designed for precise gripping, tissue dissection, and vessel coagulation, making them indispensable in surgical and nursing settings that demand precision and control.

Cleaning & Maintenance: After each use, thorough cleaning and disinfection are critical. We recommend sterilization via a steam sterilizer for optimal hygiene.

Essential Surgical Kit Component: Our Forceps are included in our comprehensive Surg. inst., abdominal /SET kit, providing maximum convenience for a variety of surgical procedures.

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