Duval Tissue Forceps: High-Performance Surgical Tools for Precise Tissue Handling

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Duval Tissue Forceps: Precision and Durability for Delicate Tissue Handling

  • Designed for delicate tissues: Ideal for handling sensitive organs such as lungs and intestines.
  • Durable construction: Made from strong and magnetic-friendly martensitic steel.
  • Length: Measures 23cm, providing users with optimal control.
  • Special features: Flexible arms, a soft ratchet for steady grip, and non-traumatic ridges for improved tissue hold.
  • Sanitary packaging: Each forcep is individually packaged for hygiene, with critical product information present on packaging.
  • Kit component: Also part of the S9910000 – Surg. inst., abdominal/SET kit.
  • Sterilization requirement: To maintain sterility, forceps should be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized before use.
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Duval Tissue Forceps: Designed for Precision and Durability

The Duval Tissue Forceps are intricate surgical instruments specially designed for handling delicate tissues with utmost precision during surgical procedures. Manufactured from robust martensitic steel, these high-performance forceps are essential tools for professionals requiring practicality, durability, and precision in one package.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Advanced Design: Featuring articulated arms, a soft ratchet for secure grip, a better locking mechanism, and a triangular aperture, these forceps provide superior maneuverability and enhanced tissue hold, causing minimal trauma.
  • Durable Construction: The forceps are constructed from martensitic steel with a stringent composition of 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium, bestowing extra toughness and magnetic properties, thus enhancing their durability.
  • Size and Weight: With a moderate length of 23cm and an estimated weight of 0.080kg, these forceps are lightweight, easy to handle, and ideal for different surgical operations.

Care and Maintenance

For maximum lifespan and hygiene, the forceps must be disinfected after each use. Sterilization before use is strongly recommended, preferably using a steam sterilizer. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure longevity and high performance.

Safe Packaging and Delivery

Each pair of forceps is individually packaged in plastic bags with labelled details, ensuring maximum hygiene and easy handling. The boxes are designed to keep the forceps in top condition during transportation, guaranteeing that they arrive ready for immediate use.


Additionally, the Duval Tissue Forceps are also found as components in the S9910000 - Surg., inst., abdominal set kit, making them handy for various surgical tasks. Whether used as standalone instruments or as part of the surgical kit, these forceps offer excellent versatility and value.

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