Premium Collin Tissue Holding Forceps 160mm – Ultimate Precision for Delicate Tissues

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Premium Tissue Holding Forceps – Collin, 160mm

A high-quality surgical instrument, the Collin Forceps, well suited for delicate tissue handling. Its main features include:

  • Manufacture from Martensitic steel with 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium
  • Ergonomic features: soft ratchet, lockable grippers with triangular apertures, and non-traumatic ridges
  • 16cm length for better reach and control
  • Ensures maximum hygiene through router cleaning, disinfection after usage, and compatibility with steam sterilizers
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Premium Tissue Holding Forceps for Delicate Tissues - Collin, 160mm

Introducing our Premium Tissue Holding Forceps - a quintessential addition for every surgical toolbox. These forceps, notable for their unmatched versatility and precision, offer an exquisite balance between functionality and durability.

Conceived with professional meticulousness, the Collin Forceps are specially designed to safely handle and manipulate delicate tissues such as the intestines and any other sensitive materials. Their seamless integration into our best-selling Basic Surgery Set makes them a favored choice among healthcare professionals.

Exemplary Construction and Long-lasting Material

Built to last with a composition of high-grade Martensitic steel that's quenched and features 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium, these forceps are remarkably robust, exhibiting superior endurance even under frequent use.

Incomparable Functionality

Our Premium Tissue Holding Forceps deliver a distinguished combination of optimal size and competent utility. With their 16cm length and prominently designed non-trauma inflicting ridges, these forceps boast of a lockable and ridged soft ratchet and triangular aperture grippers for secure and reliable grasping.

Hassle-free Cleaning and Upkeep

Designed for effortless maintenance, these forceps only require disinfecting after each use and steam sterilization, ensuring the tools remain in an essentially optimal condition while conforming to the mandatory health and safety protocols.

Packaging for Safety and Security

Encased in individual plastic bags for sanitary purposes, ten sets are then securely packed in a sturdy box, with all necessary product and manufacturer information labeled on the primary and secondary packaging.

Main Attributes:

  • Weight: Approximately 0.050kg
  • Volume: Roughly 0.015cdm
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