155mm Standard Dressing Forceps- Precision and Longevity in Surgical Procedures

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Introducing our 155mm Dressing Forceps, built for precision in surgical and nursing applications. Tailored from Martensitic steel for durability, these forceps feature a teeth-free design optimized for tender tissue management.

  • Flexibility: Arms designed for superior maneuverability.
  • Robustness: Constructed from durable Martensitic steel for long-lasting use.
  • Lightweight: With just 0.028 kg weight, it ensures effortless handling and storage.
  • Performance: Perfect for gripping, coagulating vessels, and tissue dissection.

Packaging Information: Primary – One forceps in a plastic bag. Secondary – Ten forceps in a box. Advised to clean, sterilize, and disinfect after every use.

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155mm Standard Dressing Forceps - Absolute Precision and Durability in Surgical Settings

Our 155mm Standard Dressing Forceps stand ahead in the field of surgical instruments with their superior design and premium material. Refined to perfection, these forceps allow for ultimate precision and durability during surgical procedures. Experience the perfect blend of engineering and medical craftsmanship for the best care for your patients.

Teeth-Free Design

The fine, straight forceps are designed without teeth, allowing the highest degree of delicacy when handling tissues. The teeth-free design paves the way for better control and reduced tissue damage. Versatile in its application, this surgical instrument is an ideal partner in a multitude of clinical scenarios.

Optimal Size

Our 155mm Standard Dressing Forceps promise comfort and easy maneuverability. Measuring 15.5 cm in length, the size ensures a perfect grasp and exceptional control. It eliminates hand fatigue and contributes to swift and precise operations. We keep your comfort our priority because a comfortable hand makes a confident surgeon.

Premium Martensitic Steel Construction

Built with Martensitic steel which contains 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium, the forceps are highly durable and long-lasting, offering an unmatched potential to withstand rigorous surgical procedures and autoclaving. It is highly resistant to corrosion, a quality essential in the surgical field, ensuring that the tool sustains its performance for a prolonged period.

Efficient Packaging, Easy Handling, and Convenient Storage

Every forceps is enclosed in a single plastic bag before packaging in a box containing ten pieces. The packaging ensures the product's optimal condition even during transportation. Despite being sturdy and robust, each forceps boasts a weight of 0.028 kg and has an estimated volumetric size of 0.034 cdm, contributing to its portability and easy handling.

Adaptive Use

The forceps are not just tools, they are an extension of the surgeonu2019s hand. These universally adaptable forceps are integrated into many kits, aiding various procedures, thus increasing their utility value.

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