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The Forceps for Artery Procedures – Pean/Roch, 240mm, Curved is a critical asset in surgical procedures. These forceps are:

  • Specially crafted for intricate operations in deep surgical procedures
  • Fabricated with high-grade Martensitic steel, ensuring unmatched performance and longevity, with a composition offering 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium.
  • Equipped with modifiable jaws for accurate operations, ensuring the finest precision in surgical tasks.
  • Packaged distinctly for easy identification, bundling ten forceps in each secondary pack.
  • Simple to maintain, with an easy clean, disinfect, and sterilize process ensuring patient safety.

They form an essential component of the Surg. inst., abdominal /SET making them ideal for healthcare professionals seeking top-tier surgical kits.

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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

The Forceps for Artery Procedures - Pean/Roch, 240mm, Curved are top-tier surgical instruments meticulously created for intricate and deep surgical procedures. These premier haemostatic forceps play an essential role in controlling bleeding during surgeries. Each aspect of this product is focused on providing precise management and optimal control to the surgeons.

  • The products are resilient forceps built from Martensitic Steel (hardened, magnetic steel) containing 0.20% Carbon and 13% Chromium for outstanding durability.
  • The curved design ensures precise navigation during intense surgical procedures, emphasizing optimal patient safety.
  • The forceps have a variable setting of ratchet in their locking mechanism for a secure grip and improved control.
  • The adjustable jaws offer an added dimension of functionality for surgeons: the grip strength can be tweaked to match specific surgical needs.
  • The total length of the forceps is around 24 cm, suitable for reaching deep-seated organs and tissues.

Belonging to the Surg. inst., abdominal/SET (S9910000), each unit arrives primarily in a plastic bag. This bag comprises all necessary information for safe storage and handling. It's packaged with ten units in a box as secondary packaging. The packaging process minimizes the product's environmental footprint.

For optimal maintenance of the product's quality, it should be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Also, it should be sterilized in a steam sterilizer as part of the safety process. Adhering to this process ensures the long lifespan and high performance of the forceps.

With a weight of 0.082kg and a volume of 0.128 cdm, the product is straightforward to handle during procedures. Its manageable size also makes it easy to store or transport.

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