Premium 140mm Straight Kocher Artery Forceps for Healthcare

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140mm Straight Kocher Artery Forceps: Precision-made haemostatic tool, vital for healthcare professionals. It offers:

  • Haemostatic Ability: Agile arms control blood flow optimally.
  • Durability: Composed of martensitic steel (0.20% Carbon, 13% Chromium) for lasting use.
  • Secure Packaging: Individual, labeled plastic packages ensure safety and provide maintenance guidance.
  • Functionality: Fits various medical processes including haemostasis, dissection, etc.

A crucial inclusion in several surgical kits, it meets the discerning needs of medical professionals effectively.

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140mm Straight Kocher Artery Forceps: Leading-grade Medical Instruments for High Precision

Constructed for precision, the 140mm Straight Kocher Artery Forceps stand as a testament to the pinnacle of healthcare innovation. These haemostatic forceps are designed for superior stability and deliver reliable, outstanding performance during any surgical procedure. Their unwavering strength and longevity are a testament to the robust, premium-grade Martensitic steel composition which includes 0.20% carbon and 13% chromium to tackle any endeavour, big or small.

Stellar Key Features

  • Flexible armed haemostatic forceps to provide effortless maneuvering during surgeries.
  • Adjustable jaw and ratchet structure to adapt to diverse surgical needs.
  • Impeccable Martensitic steel quality offering exceptional durability and longevity.

Packaging and Labelling

Each 140mm Straight Kocher Artery Forceps is individually packaged in a protective plastic bag, assembled in sets of ten within a safekeeping box. Labels present crucial product information and storage guidelines to users for comprehensive understanding and handling.

Specification and Use

The lightweight, 0.035kg forceps with a slender volume of 0.060cdm ensure surgical control, precision, and smooth procedures. With applications ranging from haemostasis, dissection to adeptly function as a tampon holder, this tool is multi-functional.

Care and Maintenance Guide

Prioritising hygiene and infection control, these forceps need to be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilised post each application. Regular maintenance also ensures superior performance.

Inclusive in Surgical Kits

A common inclusion in various surgical kits, the 140mm Straight Kocher Artery Forceps add an element of convenience for healthcare professionals, making it a versatile essential.

Embrace excellence with our 140mm Straight Kocher Artery Forceps that set a gold standard in medical instrumentation globally with their unrivalled performance and durability.

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