High-Quality Glycine Additive - Premium Flavor Enhancer (CAS:56-40-6)

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Presenting our ‘Premium Glycine Additive’ – a superior grade raw material for enhancing taste. With its CAS number 56-40-6, authenticity and precision are guaranteed while its molecular composition, C2H5NO2, ensures sublime purity and stellar quality.

  • Pure Raw Material: Offering the industry’s finest and high-performing glycine additive.
  • Taste Enhancement: Our superior additive enhances flavor, thus upgrading the consumers’ experience.
  • Compliant: This additive conforms to global norms and certifications.
  • Multi-purpose: Our product has a wide array of applications across different sectors.
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Experience a divine exploration of your taste buds with our High-Quality Glycine Additive | Premium Flavor Enhancer. Rooted in purity and authenticity, this superior raw material with a CAS number 56-40-6 is meticulously engineered to amplify the umami characteristics of your food and beverages.

Product Features:

  • An encouraging blend of amino acetic acid manufacturing an indispensable amino acid that adds a distinctive flavor to your culinary creations.
  • Potent acidic and basic functional groups for excellent ionization in water, showcasing strong hydrophilic properties.
  • A polar amino acid that ensures flawless solubility in polar solvents whilst resisting nonpolar solvents.
  • Rarely high boiling and melting points that leave an imprint of adaptability and permanence.
  • An embedded ability to control acidic and alkaline aqueous solutions, presenting varied molecular forms.

Potent Applications:

  • A perfect sweetening and flavoring agent for food-grade applications offering a profound taste and mild sweetness.
  • Effective use in amino acid injection solutions and advanced nutritional infusions to cater to the nutrient needs of patients.
  • Acting as a power-packed solvent in the CO2 removal processes of the fertilizer industry.
  • A preferred choice for enhancing the performance of electroplating solutions as an additive.
  • Serves as an ideal pH regulating agent in numerous operations ensuring standardized conditions.
  • Used as a productive intermediate in the manufacturing of pesticides for various farming applications.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Grade: Compliant for food grade and pharmaceutical grade operations
  • Packaging: Tailored packaging solutions reflecting customer preferences
  • Contract Manufacturing: Favors Contract Research Organisations (CRO) and Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO) engagement models.
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