Folic Acid 5mg Tablets - An Essential Antianaemia Medication and Supplement

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Folic Acid 5mg Tablets – Effective Antianaemia Medicine and Supplement:

  • An essential nutritional supplement frequently recommended for women planning a pregnancy and throughout the initial pregnancy stages.
  • Plays a significant role in preventing neural tube defects during pregnancy.
  • Perfectly suitable for dietary supplementation in individuals with macrocytic anemia or those taking specific medications impacting folate levels.
  • Effectively treats folate deficiency caused by inadequate diet, certain illnesses, or during pregnancy.
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Folic Acid 5mg Tablets - An Indispensable Ally in Ensuring Optimal Health and Well-being

Folic Acid 5mg Tablets, an indispensable partner in promoting holistic health, serves as an efficient antianaemia medication. Suited for both adults and children, these tablets efficiently counter various conditions stemming from folate deficiency, ensuring the remarkable upkeep of your health.

Folate, also known as vitamin B9, plays a critical role in cell creation and maintenance. Folic Acid 5mg Tablets adeptly address the body's requirement of this essential nutrient, preventing any fallout from its deficiency.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Prevention of Neural Tube Defects: These tablets, when consumed during pregnancy, can significantly reduce the chances of neural tube defects in newborns, contributing to their healthy brain and spinal cord development.
  • Effective Treatment of Folate Deficiency: Folic Acid 5mg Tablets adeptly treat folate deficiency, fulfilling your body's need for this essential nutrient.
  • Assists in Haemolytic Anaemia: Folic Acid 5mg Tablets aid in the prevention and treatment of folate-deficient haemolytic anaemia, providing relief to both children and adults affected by this condition.
  • Optimal Standards Adherence: These tablets strictly adhere to the World Health Organization's guidelines for antenatal care and are part of the Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017, ensuring they meet pharmaceutical requirements even during unprecedented times.

Sealed to comply with pharmaceutical technical requirements, each bottle includes a Patient Information Leaflet that provides comprehensive details about the medication. They should be stored below 30 degrees Celsius, away from light, and out of the reach of children. With a shelf life of 36 months, these tablets are readily available for consistent intake.

They can also be impeccably paired with the Iron 60mg Folic acid 400mcg blister pack and Iron 60mg tablets for holistic nutritional support.

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