Exquisite Fmoc-Ile-OH Amino Acid for Enhanced Chemical Synthesis and Peptide Creation

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Fmoc-Ile-OH: Amino Acid for Advanced Chemical Synthesis

  • Extraordinary Quality: Promises >99% purity, ensuring superior performance in chemical synthesis.
  • Crucial Component: Essential in peptide and protein synthesis, impactful in pharmaceutical and biotech research.
  • Appearance & Solubility: Exhibits a white to off-white outlook and is soluble in organic solvents.
  • Stability: Guarantees excellent stability under recommended conditions.
  • Chemical Formula: C28H33NO5; Molecular Weight: 467.57 g/mol.
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High-Quality Fmoc-Ile-OH for Advanced Chemical Synthesis: A Distinguished Amino Acid for Peptide Creation

Fmoc-Ile-OH is a pristine amino acid specially designed for high-level chemical synthesis, and widely recognized as an essential component in forming peptides and proteins. Detailedly engineered to cater to the needs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sphere, it presents as a white to off-white powder ensuring a visual representation of quality and purity.

Key Features

  • Quality: Guarantees an outstanding purity exceeding 99%
  • Stability: Displays consistency under recommended storage conditions, promising longevity
  • Solubility: Exhibits high solubility in organic solvents, facilitating ease of application in various forms of research
  • Excellence: Manufactured meticulously following the highest quality standards, providing a trust-worthy research ally

Superb Specifications

  • Chemical Formula: Credibility testified by its accurate C28H33NO5 molecular formula, serving as a scientific assurance of the product
  • Molecular Weight: Verified at 467.57 g/mol, qualifying as a compliant integrity check for this amino acid
  • Storage: Promises an improved shelf life by storing at -20°C in a dry and appropriately ventilated area

Extensive Applications

  • Integral tool in peptide synthesis, contributing to the progressive field of protein research
  • Fundamental for protein engineering, assisting in the development of innovative bio-solutions
  • Indispensable for drug discovery and development processes, accelerating the pathway to novel medications
  • Exceptional utility in biotechnological research, enhancing the understanding and manipulation of biological systems


Fmoc-Ile-OH is available in a variety of customized quantities, facilitating diverse research requirements. For bulk pricing options and inquiries, feel free to contact our friendly and dependable sales team.

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