High-Performance Fmoc-Gly-OH for Effective Peptide Synthesis & Protein Production

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Premium Quality Fmoc-Gly-OH for Optimal Peptide Synthesis and Protein Production is an unparalleled building block essential for proficient polypeptide construction and dynamic protein fabrication. With an efficacy that intensifies peptide yield and purity, this product caters to avant-garde pharmaceutical research and innovations. Benefits extend beyond efficient peptide production to also include versatileness in forming multifaceted pharmaceutical compounds.

  • Industry-leading building block for advanced peptide synthesis and protein production
  • Enhances peptide yield and purity with optimal efficiency
  • Well-suited for state-of-the-art pharmaceutical research and inventive applications
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To ensure superior results in peptide synthesis and protein production, choosing the right chemical building blocks is crucial. Our premium quality Fmoc-Gly-OH is here to provide an optimal solution. Tailored for high-performance and substantial yield, this chemical compound is renowned for its stability and effectiveness in diverse laboratory conditions.

Fmoc-Gly-OH carries a C21H23NO5 chemical formula that delineates its molecular composition and structure. This attribute is critical for predicting the compound's behavior and interactions, making it a versatile option for various scientific applications.

The compound's molecular weight stands at an impressive 369.41 g/mol. This considerable weight amplifies its power and potential in peptide and protein synthesis reactions. Such a robust molecular weight ensures optimal efficacy, reflecting the compound's relevancy and indispensability in the scientific and pharmaceutical sectors.

A notable feature of Fmoc-Gly-OH is its unprecedented thermal stability, showcased by a boiling point value of 574.7u00b0C. It exhibits exceptional resilience to heat degradation, thereby assuring consistent performance even in high-temperature environments. Its defined melting point of 170-172u00b0C corroborates this physical stability, underlining the fact that Fmoc-Gly-OH is resistant to decomposition.

With a density of 1.31 g/cmu00b3, Fmoc-Gly-OH has a tightly-packed molecular structure. This close-knit arrangement lends it a solid build and highlights its robust nature, underpinning its reliability over miscellaneous experimental setups.

The solubility of Fmoc-Gly-OH in organic solvents is a testament to its versatility and accessibility across different mediums. It not only ensures its seamless integration in various experimental settings but also broadens its applicability, making it an ideal choice for labs equipped with diverse applications.

From an optical perspective, the compound has a refractive index of 1.593, reflecting its unique abilities in terms of light interaction. This gives us a clear line of sight into its unique optical properties, offering additional insights into its functionality.

  • Chemical formula - C21H23NO5
  • Molecular weight - 369.41 g/mol
  • Boiling point - 574.7u00b0C
  • Melting point - 170-172u00b0C
  • Density - 1.31 g/cmu00b3
  • Solubility - Soluble in organic solvents
  • Refractive index - 1.593

In summary, with our premium quality Fmoc-Gly-OH at your disposal, you have a highly reliable and efficient compound catering to your peptide synthesis and protein production needs. It combines unique physical and chemical properties, showcasing unmatched performance in scientific and pharmaceutical R&D activities. Opt for the best. Opt for Fmoc-Gly-OH.

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