High-Quality Flooded System Water Chiller for Efficient Cooling Solutions

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Flooded System Water Chiller: A high-reliability, energy-efficient cooling solution suitable for diverse applications including industrial processes, commercial buildings, and data centers. Key features include:

  • Stability: High-quality double screw compressor for reduced vibration and lower failure rate.
  • High Efficiency: Specialized compressor tailored for flooded systems enhancing suitability and energy efficiency.
  • Energy Saving: Part load function and precise electric expansion valve control optimizes EER and reduces costs.
  • Flexibility: Selection from a variety of compressor and machine types according to diverse requirements.
  • Safety: Comprehensive protection mechanisms for cooling, electrical, and water systems.
  • Convenience: State-of-the-art PLC control allows one-key start and automatic operation.

Each unit is manufactured in Nanjing and undergoes rigorous laboratory testing, emphasizing superior quality and reliability.

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Unveiling the cutting-edge Flooded System Water Chiller, carefully crafted to deliver efficient cooling solutions. The stellar feature of this system is its high-quality double screw compressor, which ensures minimal vibration and failure rates, adding to the unit's stability and longevity. The dedicated compressor used specifically for the Flooded System elevates its suitability and efficiency, providing optimal cooling even in challenging environments.

Not just efficient, the Flooded System Water Chiller, is also designed for energy conservation. The part load function coupled with precise electric expansion valve control optimizes the Energy-Efficiency Ratio (EER), resulting in significantly reduced running costs. The advanced PLC control further adds to the user convenience, enabling one-key start and automatic operation.

This chiller system further showcases flexibility with a variety of compressor and machine types available, accommodating for diverse industrial and commercial requirements. It is armed with robust protection mechanisms for cooling, electrical, and water systems, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of operational hitches.

The unit undergoes rigorous laboratory tests to ensure that each component performs to its full potential and meets the high standards of quality and reliability that it promises.

Each chiller is securely packed in wooden cases, ready for swift delivery in just 10 days from order. With a production capacity of 10,000 units per month, we can efficiently handle large orders without compromising the quality or delivery schedule.

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