High Efficiency Flat Upper Discharging Centrifuges - Perfect Solution for Separation Process

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Efficient and Convenient Flat Upper Discharging Centrifuges

  • Durable Design: Built with sturdy stainless steel, offering lasting utility.
  • Reliable Structure: Whole welding structure base providing excellent strength.
  • Space-Efficient: Compact flat plate base reducing installation space.
  • Hygienic Application: Features online cleaning system, adhering to GMP standards.
  • Smooth and Safe Operation: Acceleration and braking systems optimise operation safety.
  • Wide Usability: Suitable for solid phase and fibrous material separation.
  • User-friendly: Smart design ensures hassle-free operation and maintenance.

Our Flat Upper Discharging Centrifuges are meticulously designed for diverse industries promising efficiency and convenience. Enjoy advanced performance and versatility with this smart investment. Perfect for your needs!

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Experience a transformative solution to your separation process with the highly efficient and convenient Flat Upper Discharging Centrifuges. These machines, renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, eliminate residual dead corners and feature a smooth, polished surface. Crafted to deliver superior performance and longevity, they are an asset to any industry requiring separation and extraction processes.

  • Engineered with a robust, clean stainless steel structure, fasteners, and drum to ensure durability and hygiene.
  • Features a fully welded structure base and casing for increased structural strength.
  • Designed with a flat plate structure base that reduces the center of gravity and saves installation space.
  • Includes a liquid or rubber damper - a critical feature for efficient vibration elimination.
  • Integrated with an online cleaning system to guarantee impeccable hygiene and adherence to GMP standards.
  • Equipped with a frequency converter for smooth startup, offering adjustable separation factor.
  • Features a non-contact dynamic braking system for improved safety in the operational process.
  • Uses an anti-static belt transmission with a closed structure, and silicone or fluorine rubber sealers to ensure optimal performance.
  • Comprises a nitrogen protection system for centrifuge chamber isolation, enhancing safety in processing.
  • Ideal for handling toxic, flammable, and explosive applications, meeting closed explosion-proof requirements.
  • Designed with simplicity in mind for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Provides universal application for solid phase suspension separation and fibrous material separation. A versatile solution capable of operating in diverse sectors.

Embrace efficiency, convenience, and superior performance with our Flat Upper Discharging Centrifuges. Its advanced design and ease of operation position it as an essential tool in your production process.

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