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Support UNICEF with our High-Quality Desk Flag Set. Vibrant 15cm x 10cm acetate silk flags, handcrafted for longevity.

  • Base Stand: Embellished with a distinct UNICEF logo, cyan blue with white. Dimensions: Height 2.9cm, Length 12cm, round design with approx. 9cm diameter
  • Pole: Robust chrome or brass, approximately 40cm height, built to resist rust
  • Packaging: Each unit is individually packed in plastic bags for optimal protection
  • Usage: Perfect for demonstrating UNICEF support in offices, meeting rooms, and media events
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Experience the joy of global brotherhood and create an atmosphere of unity with our High-Quality Desk Flag Set to Support UNICEF. Made with premium-grade Acetate Silk, this flag symbolizes your unwavering support towards global causes. The distinct UNICEF logo beautifully inscribed on the Cyan blue Base Stand is a presentation of elegance and passion for the cause.

  • Materials: Durably built, the flag is made from high-durability Acetate Silk ensuring product longevity. The anti-rust pole made of chrome or brass adds to the sturdiness without compromising aesthetics.
  • Design: The vibrant display on a 15cm x 10cm space is sure to catch the eye. The cyan blue base stand with the white, distinctive UNICEF logo accentuates the design while the round shape brings in the perfect balance.
  • Packaging: To preserve its quality during transit and storage, each set is individually encased in a plastic bag. Thus ensuring the upkeep of the product.
  • Dimensions: With the height of the pole measuring 40cm and the stand being 2.9cm tall with a length of 12cm and diameter of 9cm, it's a perfect fit for any desk. Moreover, its estimated weight is 0.243kg, making it easy to handle and transport, and the volume standing at approximately 0.038cbm, ensures efficient space utilization.
  • Use Cases: This Flag set could serve as a compelling display for UNICEF offices, meeting spaces, waiting areas, and desks. It could also make a pleasing piece of recognition for organizations during press or media events. Showcasing your solidarity has never been easier!
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