First Response Malaria Pf HRP2 Diagnostic Test Kit: Rapid & Accurate Malaria Detection

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First Response Malaria Pf HRP2 Diagnostic Test Kit is a crucial tool for express malaria diagnosis, relying on its unique capability to identify the HRP2 antigen exclusive to P.f malaria. This kit, providing results within 20 minutes, is a vital asset in tackling malaria worldwide. Its compact design encompassing 25 tests per package enables its use for both small and large-scale scenarios.

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First Response Malaria Pf HRP2 Diagnostic Test Kit: Precision, Speed, and Convenience

The first step in effective treatment is accurate diagnosis. The First Response Malaria Pf HRP2 Diagnostic Test Kit is designed with precision, speed, and convenience at its core. This diagnostic tool employs innovative lateral immuno-chromatographic technology to instantly identify the presence of the HRP2 antigen, specific to the Plasmodium falciparum strain of malaria, enabling swift yet accurate diagnosis.

Your Trusted Partner in Malaria Detection

The kit is your reliable partner in disease management, capable of generating substantial diagnostic results within a rapid 20-minute timeframe. The panel detection rate stands at an impressive 91.0%, affirming the kit's superior diagnostic reliability and fidelity.

Home to Advanced Medical Technology

At the heart of this kit lies an impressive array of advanced medical technology. The cassette format encompasses 25 individual tests that are compatible with whole blood samples, ensuring an efficient, precise, and rapid diagnosis process.

Complete Diagnostic Suite

With 25 sealed test devices, accompanied by blood transfer tools, alcohol swabs, sterile lancets, and a bottle of buffer fluid, the kit offers a seamless and hygienic diagnostic experience. Proper guidelines, provided in the package, further simplify the process, ensuring that everything you need is within reach.

Long-Lasting Equipment with Efficient Storage

The diagnostic kit offers an impressive shelf-life of 24 months post-manufacture, ensuring extended usability. It is advised to store the kit between 1-40 degrees Celsius, securing it from high humidity, direct sunlight, and freezing of reagents, for optimal performance.

  • Product weight: 0.260 Kg
  • Product volume: 0.001 cubic meter
  • Ensures diagnostic results within 20 minutes
  • Affirms a detection rate of 91.0%
  • Zero instances of false positives or invalid results

The First Response Malaria Pf HRP2 Diagnostic Test Kit is a sophisticated blend of speed, accuracy and efficiency - the premier solution for malaria detection.

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