Finecut Plasma Cutting Machine – High-Speed, High-Precision CNC Technology

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Finecut Plasma Cutting Machine – High-Speed, Precision CNC Cutting

Maximize your metalworks efficiency with this state-of-the-art Finecut Plasma Cutting Machine. Delivering high-speed, precision CNC plasma cutting, it ensures exceptional quality with every cut made.

  • High Efficiency: Experience the top-tier performance and swift clean cuts from our high-speed CNC machine.
  • Integration Ready: Our machine’s modular design allows for seamless installation and integration into your existing setup.
  • Environment Conscious: Equipped with a smoke table and dust collector, it reduces emissions and maintains a clean workspace.
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Finecut Plasma Cutting Machine: High-Speed Precision CNC

Introducing the highly competent Finecut Plasma Cutting Machine, specifically designed to revolutionize CNC plasma cutting with its exceptional speed and unmatched precision. It boasts a unique modular structure allowing for swift installation and flexible integration into various workflow setups.

The machine features an in-built smoke table and dust collector, crucial in maintaining an environmentally conscious operation. Experience the outstanding performance of this machine while maintaining adherence to emission standards.

  • High speed, precision-operated CNC plasma cutting technology for superior performance.
  • Modular design for easy installation, and broad compatibility with different workspace environments.
  • An eco-friendly approach with the inclusion of a smoke table and dust collector.

Key Specifications:

Model Effective Working Range (mm) Machine Width Driving Speed (mm/min) Max Torch Amount
6020 6000x2000 3200 12000 1
4020 4000x2000 2000 24000 1
3015 3000x1500 Not Specified 50000 1

Please note that while we do not offer samples for this product; we can confidently assure you of its reliable performance and unwavering quality. The Finecut Plasma Cutting Machine is set to exceed your expectations in all respects.

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