Premium Filter Candles Spare Set of 4 - High-Quality Gravity Water Filters

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Premium Filter Candles Spare Set of 4 for Exceptional Gravity Water Filters is a value-added offering for crystal-clear, safe drinking water. It features:

  • Sterasyl silver-impregnated ceramic candles: Assures comprehensive water treatment.
  • Reusable: Can be washed and reused up to 100 times, promoting long-term use.
  • NSF Compliance: Surety of high safety and quality standards.
  • High effectiveness: Ability to eliminate a wide range of harmful organisms.
  • Perfect Fit: Easy-to-replace design that matches item number S5619902.

These filter candles ensure optimal water purity, prioritizing your health and safety every time you drink water.

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Premium Filter Candles Spare Set of 4: Ultimate Water Purification Solution

Our Premium Filter Candles Spare Set of 4 is the epitome of water filtration technology, guaranteeing safe and clean drinking water. These replacement filters are meticulously engineered to meet NSF standards, providing impeccable protection against harmful contaminants and microorganisms. Elevate your hydration to a whole new level, one glass at a time.

Impressive Durability with Uncompromised Quality

  • Premium construction from 'Sterasyl' type or equivalent ceramic impregnated with silver provides exceptional durability and extended lifespan.
  • Designed to withstand high filtering demands, demonstrating exceptional structural integrity.
  • The filter's cleanable system allows repeated cleaning with a soft brush, providing a utility cycle of at least 100 cleans.

Exceptional Filtration Efficiency

  • Adept at filtering particles sized 0.9 micron or larger.
  • Established record of eliminating 99.99% of particles greater than 0.5 micron, 99.70% larger than 0.3 micron, and 98% bigger than 0.2 micron.
  • Successfully eliminates potential threats like Cryptosporidium, E-Coli, Vibro Cholera, Salmonella Typhii, Shigella Disentaria and Klensiella Terrigena with an efficiency of up to 99.99%, ensuring your drinking water is safe.

Universal Compatibility and Ease of Use

  • Fully compatible with Filter, drinking, candle, 10-80l/day, SS.
  • External dimensions are 178 mm (7') length and 50 mm (2') diameter, making it versatile and compatible with most filtration systems.
  • Weighs approximately 1.25 kg, which makes handling and replacement of the filter effortless.
  • The product's estimated volume is 8.25 cdm.
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