FilmArray BioThreat-E Test Kit for Reliable Ebola Zaire Virus Detection

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The FilmArray BioThreat-E Test Kit is an advanced in vitro diagnostic tool developed for precise detection of the Ebola Zaire virus. It is a multiplexed nucleic acid-based test optimized for whole blood and urine samples, exhibiting an impressive sensitivity of 96.00% and specificity of 100%.

  • Test Type: Qualitative
  • Application: Detection of Ebola Zaire virus
  • Usage: Suited for whole blood, Urine samples
  • Efficacy: Delivers superior sensitivity (96.00%) and specificity (100%)
  • Storage: Capable of retaining efficacy for 12 months at 15-25°C temperature
  • Package Contains: Comes with BioThreat-E pouches, Sample Buffer ampoules, Protease vials, Sample Injection Vials, Transfer Pipettes and comprehensive instructions
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FilmArray BioThreat-E Test Kit for Ebola Zaire Virus Detection

The FilmArray BioThreat-E is an innovative, specialized detection tool with highly efficient diagnostic abilities specifically aimed to tackle the terrifying Ebola Zaire Virus. With its impressive capability to accurately detect these powerful viruses, FilmArray BioThreat-E has solidified its place as a revolution in the diagnostic landscape.

By utilizing advanced multiplexed nucleic acid-based in vitro diagnostic (IVD) technology, this Kit ensures precise detection of the virus in whole blood or undiluted urine samples. This system is meticulously designed for individuals presenting symptoms corresponding with the Ebola virus infection, coupled with associated epidemiological risk factors.

Key Features

  • Advanced Multiplexed Nucleic Acid-based IVD Testing
  • High sensitivity (96%) and specificity (100%) in both blood and urine samples
  • Sample volume as low as 200µL
  • Applicable to both whole blood and urine samples

What’s in the box?

  • FilmArray BioThreat-E Pouches
  • Sample Buffer Ampoules
  • Freeze-dried Protease Vials
  • Hydration Injection Vials
  • Sample Injection Vials
  • Transfer Pipettes
  • A detailed and comprehensive instruction guide

Additional requirements (not included in the kit) include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a FilmArray System with a robust computer, a FilmArray Pouch Loading Station, standard bleach, and de-ionized water.

Storage & Shelf Life

With a shelf life of one year from the date of manufacturing, this kit proves to be very economical. It is recommended to store it at 15-25ºC and to avoid refrigeration and direct sunlight to ensure prolonged product integrity.

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