Feeding Pump CY-300 - Innovation in Precision Tube Feeding

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Feeding Pump CY-300: Advanced Nutritional Delivery Solution

  • Precision and Reliability: Engineered to deliver accurate, patient-critical nutrition through tube feeding.
  • Flow Rate Autocorrection: Delivers precise nutrition at a customizable flow rate.
  • Flexibility: An infusion volume range of 1ml/h to 300ml/h caters to both high and low volume feedings.
  • Alarm System and Dual Power Supply: Ensures patient safety and uninterrupted operation.
  • Internal Battery: Provides a dependable backup, supplying up to 4 hours of service after a 15-hour recharge.
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Feeding Pump CY-300: Precision Engineered for Optimal Nutrition Delivery

The Feeding Pump CY-300 is an advanced solution specifically designed for patients requiring tube feeding. It epitomizes technological advancements in healthcare, simplifying and fortifying the vital process of nutritional delivery. With utmost precision, versatile operation parameters, and integrated safeguards, the Feeding Pump CY-300 is an ideal assistant, contributing significantly to modern patient care.

  • High Precision, No Compromises: Ensuring precise nutritional content delivery with a minimal error margin of ±10%, the CY-300 stands for accuracy
  • Flow Rate Autocorrection: Adaptive Fluid Control technology ensures continuous, accurate delivery, regardless of external factors. It features an infusion volume range from 1ml/h to 300ml/h, accommodating diverse nutritional needs.
  • Advanced Monitoring and Control: The 'inquire of total volume' feature keeps track of the total infusion volume (0-999ml), allowing caregivers to monitor nutrition dosage with precision.
  • Built-in Alarm System: A robust alert system triggers warnings for flow errors, power loss, low battery or end of dosage, promoting patient safety and timely intervention.
  • Uninterrupted Operation: The high-capacity internal battery supports up to four hours of continuous operation after a full 15-hour charge, ensuring seamless, uninterrupted feeding schedules.
  • Power Supply Compatibility: AC220V±10% 50HZ power source or DC10V automobile battery – the CY-300 draws from diverse power sources to match the mobility needs of modern healthcare.

The CY-300 is massively significant in fostering effective and efficient tube feeding processes. Precision-focused and safety-first in design, it is a reliable partner in providing optimum patient care. Choose the Feeding Pump CY-300 for an improved healthcare experience.

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