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The High-Quality FACSRinse Solution for BD FACSCount Counter is an expertly designed solution that delivers remarkable accuracy in CD4 counting. With a shelf life of 36 months, this 5L, 5.2-kg solution aids in easy handling and facilitative storage. Pivotal for laboratory examinations and essential for research facilities, it guarantees longevity and ample usage. Its volume of 7.15dm3 makes it ideally suited for testing needs.

  • Specific formulation: Designed for use in BD FACSCount counter, facilitating precise CD4 counting.
  • Longevity: Offers lasting usage with a 36-month shelf life.
  • Easy handling & storage: It has a volume of 5L & weight of 5.20 kg, facilitating ease in handling & storage needs.
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Premier Lab Supply's High-Quality FACSRinse Solution for BD FACSCount Counter: Enhancing Lab Efficiency and Precision

Unlock your lab's full capacity with Premier Lab Supply's premium FACSRinse Solution, meticulously designed for optimal compatibility with BD FACSCount counters. This superior quality reagent presents an ultimate solution for accurate CD4 cell counting, empowering your research endeavors and enhancing the productivity and performance of your lab.

Key Features of FACSRinse Solution:

  • Exclusively optimized for flawless integration with BD FACSCount Counters, ensuring maximum efficiency and precision in CD4 cell counting.
  • Generous 5L volume caters to the extensive requirements of labs routinely monitoring CD4 levels, negating frequent re-ordering.
  • Exceptional adaptability across a broad temperature range (20-25°C), ensuring robust functionality for transportation, storage, and application.
  • Performance stability within a wide relative humidity range of 10-95%, without condensation, accommodating diverse lab environments.
  • A remarkable shelf life of 36 months from the manufacturing date, ensuring longevity and reducing waste.

Product Storage and Use Guidelines:

Maintain the superior quality of FACSRinse Solution by storing it in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Avoid freezing to retain the reagent's potency and ensure optimal performance.

Product Attributes:

  • Primary Packaging: Robust 5L Container
  • Estimated Weight: Approximately 5.20Kg
  • Estimated Volume: Around 7.15dm³

Usage Recommendations:

For best performance and results, strictly adhere to the manufacturer's usage instructions. Incorporating Premier Lab Supply's high-grade FACSRinse Solution into your lab supplies assures precise CD4 cell counting. For additional reference, refer to the WHO list of prequalified in vitro diagnostic products.

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