FACSPresto CD4abs% Cartridge and Sample Collection Kit: Revolutionizing Point-of-Care CD4 Testing

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Introducing the FACSPresto CD4abs% Cartridge & Sample Collection Kit, revolutionizing CD4 testing at the point of care. Key features include:

  • Single-Use Testing Cartridges: Specifically designed for use with the FACSPresto CD4 abs% counter for precise CD4 testing.
  • Complete Sample Collection Kit: Including 100 lancets, alcohol swabs, cotton gauze, band aids, and transfer pipets for comprehensive collection requirements.
  • Less Contamination Risk: The cartridge’s design is enclosed with minimal-inlet, significantly reducing contamination risks.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Guaranteed 12-month shelf life under proper storage conditions, ensuring test performance.
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Unveiling the FACSPresto CD4abs% Cartridge and Sample Collection Kit: A New Era in POC CD4 Testing

Revolutionizing the healthcare industry, the FACSPresto CD4abs% Cartridge and Sample Collection Kit stands at the forefront of Point-of-Care (PoC) CD4 testing. Engineered to deliver CD4, % absolute count, and Hemoglobin profiling with precision and dependability, it facilitates accurate onsite testing using whole blood samples drawn from either venous or capillary sources.

The FACSPresto CD4abs% Cartridge

  • Precision-Engineered Testing Cartridge: Each cartridge, specifically designed for the FACSPresto CD4 abs% instrument, guarantees an accurate count of CD4 cells and precise measurement of hemoglobin concentration.
  • Highly Stable Dried Reagents: Housed within each cartridge, the dried test reagents remain stable under changing conditions, ensuring consistently reliable test results.
  • Minimum Sample Volume Requirement: The system requires less than 20 uL of blood, promoting patient comfort while not compromising test accuracy.
  • Effectively Designed to Reduce Cross-contamination: The smartly compartmentalized and self-contained cartridge design significantly reduces the risk of sample cross-contamination, ensuring safe, accurate results.
  • Secure and Robust Packaging: Every cartridge comes sealed in a desiccant-preserved foil pouch, offering protection against environmental factors and extending shelf-life.

User-Friendly Sample Collection Kit

This comprehensive kit offers an efficient finger-stick collection process, equipped with all the essentials: lancets, alcohol swabs, cotton gauze, adhesive bandages, transfer pipettes, and a multilingual instruction manual. It simplifies the collection process, enhancing user experience significantly.

Designed for Mobility

Weighing 2.99kg and sized at 17.49cm3, this kit is compact and easily portable, perfect for on-the-go testing in varying locations. In addition, its compact dimensions make it convenient for storage.

Storage and Shelf Life

For optimal performance, the kit should be kept at a temperature between 4-30°C, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Its shelf life spans over 12 months from the date of manufacture.


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