Maximize Your PoC Unit's Efficiency with the FACSPresto CD4 abs% Car Charger Adaptor

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The FACSPresto CD4 Car Charger Adaptor ensures maximum reliability for on-the-go healthcare professionals. It features a voltage range of 12-32 VDC and outputs a steady 19 VDC. Other important attributes include:

  • Voltage Range: 12-32 VDC for flexible power input
  • Stable Output: 19 VDC, ideal for demanding tasks
  • Secure Connectivity: 5.5mm connector with expansive cables for versatility
  • Protection: 15-amp fuse safeguard against power exposures
  • Portability: Lightweight design (5.0 x 3.0 x 1.15 inches) perfect for mobility
  • Warranty: Backed by a 3-year warranty for confidence

This charger ensures your BD FACSPresto PoC device remains powered, even on the go.

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Introducing Maximum Reliability with FACSPresto CD4 abs% Car Charger Adaptor

Ensure the seamless operation of your BD FACSPresto PoC (Point-of-Care) Unit anytime, anywhere with our robust FACSPresto CD4 abs% Car Charger Adaptor. Designed to promise unwavering power provision, this superior car charger ensures that your PoC system operates flawlessly during your travels.

Impressive Charging Features:

  • Powerful 19V DC output voltage for swift and effective charging, minimizing downtime.
  • High maximum output current of 5 amps facilitates a rapid charging cycle, enabling immediate reuse.
  • Wide-ranging input voltage from 12-32V DC compatible with a variety of vehicle models, providing unrivaled convenience and flexibility.

Enhanced Portability:

  • Compact and lightweight design, coupled with an extended cable for superior portability and ease of use.
  • Reliable and stable charging service guaranteed with quality-assured connectors.
  • Includes a 12V DC power adapter and cigarette lighter plug, catering to your diverse on-the-road charging needs.

Optimised Safety and Durability:

  • Equipped with 15-amp fuse for built-in safety, protects your valuable PoC unit, extending its lifespan and dependability.
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty, testament to its enduring performance.

Delivered with simple user instructions available in English, Spanish, and French, the FACSPresto CD4 abs% Car Charger Adaptor is truly user-friendly. To maintain product longevity, it is recommended to store the product in a temperature range of 2-30 degrees Celsius and protect it from humidity or direct sunlight. Please avoid freezing.

Consistent Operations with the FACSPresto CD4 abs% Car Charger Adaptor

The FACSPresto CD4 abs% Car Charger Adaptor ensures the uninterrupted operation of your BD FACSPresto PoC unit. Boasting functionality, adaptability, and safety, this essential accessory guarantees that your PoC system remains functional irrespective of your location. Invest in this indispensable accessory today to facilitate a smooth operation of your PoC unit on the go.

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