FACSCount Control Kit: Precise, Dependable, & Eco-Friendly CD4 Cell Counting Solution

Short description

The FACSCount Control Kit offers reliable CD4 count screening for labs. Compatible with BD FACSCount counters, it guarantees precise results. The kit is environmentally-friendly, thanks to bio-degradable testing elements. It has a storage range of 10-35°C, with cold storage of 2-8°C, extending its shelf life up to 12 months. The kit is durable too, providing accurate results under humidity between 10-95%. Please note, some parts are not included with the kit.

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Detailed Product Overview

Experience reliable, precise, and cost-effective CD4 cell counting with the FACSCount Control Kit. This groundbreaking tool offers laboratories high-level performance, integrating perfectly with the BD FACSCount counter for unparalleled accuracy. Notably, this kit utilizes the principles of green chemistry, containing reagents fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly, seamlessly aligning with your sustainability objectives.

Product Features

  • Superior Accuracy: Pairs immaculately with the BD FACSCount counter to deliver consistently reliable results.
  • Eco-Responsible: Embraces green chemistry principles, featuring fully biodegradable reagents to minimize the environmental footprint of your laboratory operations.
  • Durable: Offers a shelf-life of 12 months from the manufacture date, ensuring you long-term functionality.
  • User-convenience: Contains easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary components for 25 tests—lightweight design makes storage and transportation a breeze.
  • Storage Guidelines: To maintain its effectiveness, the kit should be stored away from direct sunlight and high humidity, and at temperatures between 2-8°C. Do not freeze.

The FACSCount Control Kit ensures your work's accuracy and efficacy while keeping environmental stewardship a priority. It simplifies CD4 cell counting without compromising precision, reliability, or sustainability. This kit helps you achieve your laboratory objectives while also supporting important environmental goals.

Notably, the kit does not include blood collection consumables, gloves, antiseptic swabs, timer, protective glasses, absorbent papers, biohazard disposables, or disinfectants. These must be purchased separately.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the innovative precision and sustainable design offered by the FACSCount Control Kit. Make the eco-friendly choice without sacrificing dependability and accuracy in your CD4 counting procedures. This is the perfect solution for your laboratory's CD4 cell counting requirements.

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