Superior Full Face Safety Shield - High-Quality Fog Resistance Features For Your Protection

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Superior Full Face Safety Shield with High-End Fog Resistant Features

  • Robust Material: Composed of a thick 1mm clear polycarbonate for augmented sturdiness
  • Optimal Size & Comfort: Sizes to a standard 25 x 30 cm with an adjustable 3 cm foam-padded headband for enhanced comfort
  • Safety Assurance & Compliance: Satisfies CE EN 166 standard with comprehensive full-face and ear-to-ear coverage, suitable for wear with glasses or goggles
  • Anti-Fog Capabilities: Equipped with an anti-fog coating and anti-glare outer layer to promote clear vision
  • Detailed Packaging: Individual packaging with clear instructions, precise product identification, size, type, testing info, and ideal storage conditions
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High-End Superior Full Face Safety Shield with Proven Fog-Resistant Features

Stay protected with the Superior Full Face Safety Shield. This high-quality personal safety accessory offers comprehensive facial protection, meeting the highest standards of COVID-19 prevention protocols. With a full-face coverage that spans from ear-to-ear, and forehead to chin, it becomes your safety partner in virus-prone environments.

Made from 1mm thick, clear polycarbonate, the shield promises an unobstructed view even in humidity-prone environments, enhancing work productivity. Its expansive size, averaging 25x30 cm (W x H), ensures protection against potential liquid splashes or droplets.

  • Fully-Adjustable: With a lightweight design and adjustable headband molded to fit small to x-large head sizes, the shield guarantees minimal discomfort, even during long hours of use.
  • Comfort Enhanced: An extended padding of foam, approximately 25cm in length at the front portion of the headband facilitates added comfort, making extended usage a breeze.
  • Fog-resistant and glare-proof: A shield equipped with anti-fog coating and an outer layer specifically designed to combat glare, ensures seamless visibility in all situations.

Standards and Packaging

Our Superior Full Face Safety Shield exceeds industry standards, adhering to the CE EN 166 certification. Each shield is individually packaged with easy-to-follow user instructions, contained within a transparent plastic bag. This helps maintain product sanitation while making it easily visible. Comprehensive labeling includes product name, category, manufacturer details, size, type, and performance test results, bolstering its credibility.

Manufacturers advise adhering to the recommended storage conditions mentioned on the package, to ensure product longevity. Specific details about temperature, pressure, light, and humidity are explicitly outlined.

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