F-75 Therapeutic Milk: An Effective Solution for Severe Acute Malnutrition in Children

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F-75 Therapeutic Milk is a top-tier nutritional product engineered to combat severe acute malnutrition in children. Its formulations is a potent blend of maltodextrin, saccharose, assorted vegetable oils, premium dairy powder, lecithin, and a specialized vitamin-mineral premix, designed to rejuvenate vital organs. This therapeutic product can be easily mixed with hot water for effortless preparation.

  • Function: Vital for stabilization and revival of key organs in malnourished children.
  • Usage: Strictly for use under medical supervision for maximized safety and efficacy.


Note: The product lacks a known chemical formula or CAS number.

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F-75 Therapeutic Milk: The Ultimate Solution to Battle Severe Acute Malnutrition in Children

Introducing the F-75 Therapeutic Milk, a globally recognized and scientifically formulated remedy for Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) in children. This is not just another nutritional supplement but a comprehensive treatment that promotes metabolic stabilization, provides efficient rehydration, replenishes essential nutrients, and averts excessive weight gain.

Unleashing the Power of F-75 for Rapid Recovery

  • Revitalizes the metabolic functions of the child, carefully balanced to avert overstimulation and unnecessary weight gain.
  • Delivers an optimum mix of vital nutrients to boost recovery from SAM, bringing back the brightness and vitality in your child's life.

Guidelines for Maximum Effectiveness and Retention

Frequented across hospitals and healing feeding centers, F-75 Therapeutic Milk can be easily mixed with pre-boiled water, providing an ideal meal with roughly 75 kcal per serving, perfect for maintaining regular metabolic functions. For extending its shelf life, unopened packets are recommended to be stored in locations with temperatures below 30°C, away from sunlight and dampness. It is consumable within 18-24 months of manufacture.

Packaging and Cautions for Use

The packaging of the F-75 Therapeutic Milk comprehends clear instruction for preparation. Each box contains 24 cans, with a total weight of 14 kg that takes up a volume of 0.04640 m³. This fortified diet is not meant for maintaining health in already nourished children hence it must be administered under rigid medical oversight.

Trust F-75 Therapeutic Milk as Your Ally to Health

Count on the meticulously-curated F-75 Therapeutic Milk while dealing with SAM. It presents a much-required avenue for recovery from malnutrition, symbolizing hope and fitness for the young ones grappling with malnutrition.

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