Erythromycin Thiocyanate Pharmaceutical Grade: Your Armor Against Bacteria and Mycoplasma

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Erythromycin Thiocyanate Pharmaceutical Grade is a paramount ingredient in the treatment of diseases associated with gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasma. The product specifics are:

  • Appearance: Nearly white crystalline powder
  • Certifications: GMP and COS certified
  • Shelf Life: Sustain quality for two years after manufacturing
  • Storage: Cool, dry, light-proof, and tightly sealed conditions recommended
  • Delivery: Expedited delivery within 7-15 days of confirmed payment

Conventionally utilized in curbing respiratory, skin, and urinary tract infections. Offering unrivalled quality alongside fast delivery makes this antibiotic a dependable choice for health and pharmaceutical industries.

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Erythromycin Thiocyanate Pharmaceutical Grade: The Indispensable Armor against Gram-positive Bacteria and Mycoplasma Infections

Erythromycin Thiocyanate Pharmaceutical Grade stands as a remarkable testament to the prowess of science, embodied in a bright, nearly white crystalline powder bearing the molecule formula C37H67NO13. With a molecular weight of 793.02, it is recognized globally for its compelling efficacy against infections spawned by gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasma. A stalwart in the pharmaceutical industry, this product carries the CAS Number 7704-67-8, asserting its unique identity.

Key Attributes of Erythromycin Thiocyanate Pharmaceutical Grade

  • Therapeutic Potency: As one of the most potent agents, the product serves as a reliable therapeutic shield against gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasma, acting as a life-saving measure in critical health situations.
  • Consistent Quality: Manufactured under stringent processes, this product assures uncompromised quality. The GMP and COS certifications only augment its credibility, making it a trusted choice for health professionals.
  • Durability: The product is built for longevity, offering a house shelf life of 2 years. This empowers consistent delivery and longevity, ensuring that it's always ready for action.
  • User-Friendly: Supplied as a nearly white crystalline powder, it is easy to identify and manage during application, enhancing user convenience.
  • Storage Guidance: For maximum efficacy and longevity, the product requires storage in a dry, cool, light-proof, and well-closed environment.

Trust the Therapeutic Efficacy of Erythromycin Thiocyanate Pharmaceutical Grade

If you're on the hunt for a powerful, effective solution against gram-positive bacterial and mycoplasma infections, look no further than Erythromycin Thiocyanate Pharmaceutical Grade. A product steeped in a tradition of rigorous manufacturing standards, it's more than just a product—it exemplifies a commitment to enhancing health and well-being through technological advancements in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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