27x36cm Packing Envelopes: Durable & Versatile Shipping Solutions

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27x36cm Packing Envelopes: Resilient & Versatile Shipping Solutions

  • Tough and Reliable: Constructed from highly durable material for optimal product protection during transit.
  • Damage-Resistant: The optimized design and toughened exterior resist water and damage, ensuring robust shielding of items inside.
  • Generously Sized: The spacious dimensions of 27x36cm are fit for various goods, including medical and lab supplies.
  • Adaptable: Suited specifically for shipping DBS for HIV early infant diagnosis but versatile for multiple contexts in lab services.
  • Ample Quantity: A securely packaged box contains 50 envelopes.
  • Easy Handling: Light (0.8kg) and compact (0.028m3), facilitates easy storage and handling.
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Redefining Shipping with 27x36cm Packing Envelopes: Resilient & Versatile Solutions

Experience the epitome of resilience and functionality with our 27x36cm packing envelopes, a vital tool for safe and secure shipping of goods. Comprising a box of 50 high-quality envelopes, each carefully crafted to strike an excellent balance between durability, protection and convenience. These envelopes accommodate a myriad of items while keeping them safe throughout their journey.

Outstanding Features and Design

Each packing envelope sports a sturdy paper exterior ensuring top-notch protection against physical damage while the water-resistant inner layer safeguards contents from any liquid seepage. The ample 27x36cm dimensions cater to a wide array of items making these envelopes incredibly versatile.

Wide Range of Applications

Optimized for shipping Dried Blood Spots (DBS) for HIV early infant diagnosis, these envelopes accommodate a range of applications across multiple tiers of laboratory services. The versatility extends beyond laboratories to diverse industrial usage where items need secure and safe transportation.

Practical Packaging, Easy Storage

The envelopes come packaged in a box containing 50 envelopes. The volume and weight of each envelope stand at approximately 0.028m3 and 0.8kg respectively, contributing towards effortless transportation and storage.

Raising the Bar for Shipping Solutions

Catering to a myriad of professional needs, these 27x36cm packing envelopes set a new standard for shipping solutions across various industries. Due to their robust nature and versatility, they are perfectly suited for any business seeking a reliable and practical shipping solution.

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