Advanced 8-Channel ELISA Washer: Boosting Lab Efficiency & Precision

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Discover unrivalled precision with the Advanced 8-Channel ELISA Washer, a high-performance laboratory tool designed for meticulous microplate and strip washing. Operate in confidence with:

  • 75 bespoke washing protocols to meet unique washing needs
  • Advanced wash settings for the thorough and residue-free cleaning
  • Incorporated vacuum and pressure pump for superior cleaning performance
  • Versatile plate handling compatible with flat, round, U, and V-bottom types
  • Various dispense volume and ideal flow rate for diverse ELISA procedures

Aimed to optimize lab efficiency and precision in reagent cleaning, this ELISA washer is an essential addition to any laboratory setting.

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Unleash Lab Potential with Advanced 8-Channel ELISA Washer

Step up your laboratory's capabilities with the Advanced 8-Channel ELISA Washer, specifically engineered to excel in Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) procedures. This robust machine guarantees reliable washing, accurate data tracking, and premium lab performance.

Enhanced Features for Elevated Performance:

  • 8-channel strip manifold system for improved efficiency and speed.
  • Universal compatibility with various plate designs including flat, U, V, or round-bottom.
  • 75 customizable protocols to accommodate a wide array of ELISA tests.
  • Custom-configured vacuum and pressure pumps for superior fluid management.
  • Wash settings tailored to protocol requirements.
  • Flexible dispense volumes (25-3000 u00b5l) for a diversity of experiment parameters.
  • Manageable fluid flow rate (150-1000 u00b5l/well/second) and adjustable soak time (1-600 seconds) for variable analytical needs.

Compact and Robust:

Sized at a mere 15kg and covering only 0.166 mu00b3, the Advanced 8-Channel ELISA Washer couples compact design and mighty performance. Despite its efficiency, it does not compromise on durability with a careful segregation of electronic and fluidic components for longevity and successful operation.

Amplify Lab Excellence:

The Advanced 8-Channel ELISA Washer is the secret to enhancing reproducibility and reliability in ELISA procedures, guaranteeing a significant boost in your lab's capabilities and making it perfect for a diverse spectrum of ELISA tests.


For complete operation, additional purchases required include training & installation, microtitre plate ELISA test kits, ELISA reader, plate oven, and an appropriate UPS.

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