High-Performance 8-Channel ELISA Reader - Optimize Your Immunoassays

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High-Performance 8-Channel ELISA Reader – Superior Immunoassay Solution: A groundbreaking tool pioneered for accurate ELISA assays. Its unique design accommodates 96-well microplates for broad endpoint analyses. Key features:

  • Dynamic Wavelength Capability: Equipped with a 380-900nm range to support varied assays.
  • Flexible Sample IDs: Customizable to meet individual lab pursuits.
  • Dual Analysis Software: Embedded for both qualitative and quantitative analyses.
  • High-Capacity Data Storage: Stores up to the most recent 10 microplate results for effective workflow management.
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Revolutionize Your Immunoassay Processes with the High-Performance 8-Channel ELISA Reader Microplate System

Explore the power and efficiency of the High-Performance 8-Channel ELISA Reader Microplate System, a cutting-edge tool specifically engineered to streamline and optimize your immunoassay processes. Offering unparalleled speed, accuracy, and reliability, this device is an invaluable assistant for crucial research and high-precision lab applications.

Exceptional System Features

This advanced ELISA reader comes with an array of superior features designed to improve workflow efficiency and results quality:

  • Engineered to enhance immunoassay workflows, resulting in fast and precise outputs.
  • Compatible with industry-standard 96-well microplates, ensuring wide-ranging application.
  • Offers single, dual, and multi-wavelength endpoints measurement modes, catering to diverse research needs.
  • A broad wavelength range of 380 to 900nm, providing utmost application flexibility.
  • Includes built-in endpoint and kinetic assay modes to accommodate comprehensive immunoassay applications.
  • Pre-loaded with easy-to-use quantitative and qualitative data reduction software for hassle-free operation.
  • Features user-defined sample ID that facilitates both automated and manual plate mapping.
  • Has storage capacity for the last ten microplate results, accommodating easy tracking and comparison.
  • Comes with five matching software filters and a comprehensive English user manual.

Key Specifications

The High-Performance 8-Channel ELISA Reader Microplate System boasts impressive specifications:

  • The system weighs around 20kg, making it a robust and durable choice.
  • Features an overall volume of approximately 0.165 cubic meters, ensuring compact and convenient lab space management.
  • Requires operation by trained personnel for ensuring safety and maximizing performance.
  • Complete package includes a PC, printer, printer paper, calibration plate, and provides installation/training for full user convenience.

Invest in the High-Performance 8-Channel ELISA Reader Microplate System today for world-class efficiency and versatility in your immunoassay processes. With this tool, quality and reliability come standard.

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