Premium French ECD Activity Guide | Nurture Early Childhood Development

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The Premium French Edition ECD Activity Guide serves as a fundamental resource for the enhancement of early childhood development. This comprehensive aid provides:

  • Diverse educational activities: Both material-required and material-free exercises for diverse learning experiences.
  • Superior quality: Produced on high-grade, wood-free paper ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Practical dimensions: Conveniently B5-sized when closed and expanding to B4 when open for easy use.
  • Language suitability: Completely offered in French to cater to francophone users.

This 96-page learning tool is ideal for nurturing a young child’s cognitive, motor, and social skills while stimulating creativity and curiosity.

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Premium French Edition ECD Activity Guide for Enhanced Early Childhood Development

This state-of-the-art ECD Activity Guide, presented in the elegant French language, is meticulously curated to promote early childhood development (ECD). Boasting a profound range of constructive exercises, it nurtures cognitive, emotional, and physical development in children, making it an indispensable asset for parents, educators, and childcare providers.

Product Features:

  • Vast B5 size when closed and expands to B4 when opened, offering a large space for elaborate instructions and illustrations.
  • Extensive content stretching over 96 pages, designed to engage young minds in stimulating and productive activities.
  • Manufactured using 150 GSM wood-free non-coated paper, ensuring robustness and longevity.
  • Elegant four colors process recto/verso printing for visually pleasing and vibrant output.
  • Front and back covers are constructed from 1mm recycled board coated with a printed sheet, embodying our commitment to sustainability.
  • Smooth 20mm diameter black spiral binding for easy page flipping.
  • No unnecessary packaging, reflecting our commitment to reducing waste and enhancing environmental consciousness.

Readers may access individual activity sheets in six different languages through our website. The product comes without individual packaging. Please note that this guidebook is intended solely for educational purposes. Adult supervision is recommended during the performance of activities, and any unauthorized reproduction of content or illustrations is strictly prohibited.

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