DYRK3 - Highly Active GST-Tagged Protein for Research Applications

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  • DYRK3 – Highly Active GST-Tagged Protein for Research Applications
  • Recombinant protein expressed in E. coli
  • Purity of 70% as determined by SDS-PAGE
  • Provided in a buffered aqueous glycerol solution
  • CAS number: 174206-56-5
  • Synonyms: DYRK5, RED, REDK
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DYRK3 - Highly Active GST-Tagged Protein for Research Applications

DYRK3 is a highly active protein that is GST tagged and is an essential component in various biological processes. It is part of the PRECISIOu00acu00c6 line, which ensures exceptional quality and reliability for experimental procedures. This recombinant protein is expressed in E. coli, making it readily available for research applications.


  • Active protein: DYRK3 is a highly active protein that plays a crucial role in various cellular processes.
  • GST tagged: The protein is tagged with GST (Glutathione S-transferase), allowing for easy purification and detection.
  • Human recombinant: DYRK3 is a human recombinant protein, making it highly relevant for studies involving human biology.
  • Expressed in E. coli: The expression of DYRK3 in E. coli enables efficient and scalable production, ensuring a consistent supply for research purposes.
  • Purity: The high purity of DYRK3, exceeding 70%, guarantees reliable and accurate experimental results.
  • Stable aqueous glycerol solution: The buffered aqueous glycerol solution provides stability and facilitates long-term storage of the protein without compromising its activity.

The purity of DYRK3 is of utmost importance in obtaining accurate and reproducible results. Its purity, determined to be greater than or equal to 70% by SDS-PAGE analysis, guarantees a high-quality product. This level of purity ensures minimal interference from impurities, thus enhancing the reliability of experimental data.

DYRK3 is supplied in a buffered aqueous glycerol solution. This specially formulated solution facilitates stability and preservation of the protein's integrity, allowing for long-term storage without compromising its activity. The inclusion of glycerol also minimizes protein aggregation and denaturation, ensuring that the protein remains in its native, functional state.

DYRK3, also referred to as DYRK5, RED, and REDK, possesses a CAS number of 174206-56-5, allowing for easy identification and traceability in handling and documentation.

More detailed information about DYRK3, including its handling, storage conditions, and precautions, can be found in the product's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Additionally, relevant peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, and similar products can be referred to for comprehensive insights and experimental guidelines.

Discover the exceptional quality and reliability of DYRK3 with its high purity, reliable expression system, and stable formulation. Uncover the key roles and functions of this crucial protein in various biological processes, advancing your research and understanding of the intricate mechanisms of human biology.

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