Robust Blackboard Duster/Wiper: Ultimate Chalk & Marker Eraser Tool

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The Robust Blackboard Duster/Wiper: Supreme Chalk & Marker Eraser Tool is a high-quality cleaning aid specifically made for chalkboards and whiteboards. Made of non-virgin wood, this eco-friendly duster boasts six densely arranged eraser felt strips that provide superior chalk absorption for thorough cleaning. The sturdy wooden backing promises extended durability, while the ergonomic wooden handle ensures convenient usage. The duster is individually packed in a robust plastic bag for easy storage, ideal for educational and corporate settings.

  • Equipped with six densely arranged felt strips for unparalleled chalk absorption and thorough cleaning
  • Constructed with a durable wooden backing for extended lifespan
  • Made with environmentally friendly non-virgin wood
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Robust Blackboard Duster/Wiper: Supreme Chalk & Marker Eraser Tool

Presenting the Robust Blackboard Duster/Wiper, a remarkable eraser tool built with superior engineering for ideal maintenance of your chalkboards and whiteboards. Designed to wipe the slate clean, our duster ensures perfect erasure of chalk or marker lines from your writing surfaces.

Exceptional Characteristics

  • Boasting six dense eraser felts, this duster provides top-tier chalk absorption and exceptional erasing efficiency.
  • Incorporates a durable wooden backing, which not only enhances product longevity but also guarantees extended usage.
  • Exemplifying versatility, our duster is applicable to both chalkboards and whiteboards, enhancing its utility in various environments.
  • Features an ergonomic wooden handle, for utmost comfort during operation.
  • Sustainability-focused, our Duster is crafted from non-virgin wood, reinforcing environmental conservation efforts.

Product Packaging

Our Robust Blackboard Duster/Wiper comes in a sturdy plastic wrap for optimum product protection and convenient storage.

Supplementary Products

  • Our 100 pieces pack of Assorted Colors Chalk provides a colourful writing experience.
  • Our 100 pieces pack of White Chalk ensures clear and vivid writing.


  • Weight: 0.068kg
  • Volume estimate: 0.410cdm

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