Duct Tape 50mm Silver - Multi-Purpose, Waterproof & Highly Durable | Best for Repair and Sealing

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Duct Tape 50mm Silver – Multi-Purpose, Waterproof & Highly Durable

This 50mm silver Duct Tape is an indispensable tool for DIY, craft, and repair jobs. Composed of top-tier polyethylene film, cotton fabric, and long-lasting rubber adhesive, this tape guarantees exceptional performance and longevity. Key features:

  • Comprised of premium polyethylene film, cotton fabric and robust rubber adhesive
  • Water-resistant property for varied applications
  • Compact design for efficient storage
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Duct Tape 50mm Silver - Your Ultimate Solution for Repair and Sealing

Say goodbye to your repair and sealing worries with our Duct Tape 50mm, Silver. This highly durable, waterproof, and versatile tape is all you need for a wide spectrum of applications, perfect fit for your home, office, industry, and educational institutions.

Exceptional Quality and Endurance

Constructed using a superior quality mixture of polyethylene film, cotton fabric, and heavy-duty rubber adhesive, this duct tape promises to offer unmatched firmness, elasticity and robustness. Turn to us for a dependable and resilient fix meant for various applications.

Waterproof Consistency for Multiple Conditions

Experience its steadfast performance under diverse conditions, thanks to its waterproof characteristics. Our duct tape guarantees consistency and long-lasting adhesion indoors and outdoors, rainfall or sunshine.

Handy and Efficient

  • Dimensions: 50mm x 16cm x 16cm x 5cm
  • Weight: Weighs only 0.7kg
  • Compact: Occupies minimal space
  • Convenient: Ideal for efficient storage and utilization

Elevate your Kits with Multi-Purpose Tape

Upgrade multiple kits, including the Arabic Teacher's Kit, ECD kit-in-a-carton 2016, ECD kit 2016, School-in-a-box for 40 students 2016, and School-in-a-carton for 40 students 2016, with our versatile duct tape. Explore its boundless possibilities in various sectors like packaging, repair, sealing, and joining.

Embrace the limitless potential of our Duct Tape 50mm, Silver - a multi-purpose tool catering to a broad range of needs and expectations, delivering a synthesis of versatility and durability.

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