DS300 Four-Channel Dispensing System: Superior Precision in Fluid Handling

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DS300 Four Channels Dispensing System: A top-tier fluid dispensing tool offering high precision and increased productivity. Ideal for high throughput applications across various sectors, including research labs, pharmaceuticals, and food production.

  • Volume Range: Adjustable from 0.5-300 mL.
  • Filling Channels: Four simultaneous channels for enhanced efficiency.
  • Auto Stop: Maximizes fluid usage and ensures precise dispensing.
  • LCD Display: Color LCD touch screen for easy navigation and adjustments.
  • Efficient Maintenance: Constructed with durable materials for a prolonged lifespan.
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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

DS300 Advanced Four-Channel Dispensing System: Your Key to High-Precision Fluid Handling

The DS300 Advanced Four-Channel Dispensing System redefines accuracy and versatility in fluid dispensing, providing a practical solution to a broad range of applications. Featuring state-of-the-art technology conducive to high-throughput scenarios, this advanced device is the go-to instrument for rigorous fluid dispensing tasks.

Prominent Features:

  • Diverse Fluid Handling Capabilities: The DS300 has been painstakingly engineered to manage numerous fluid types. Its unique design provides opportunities to work across different fluid categories, establishing it as a fundamental component of all fluid dispensing systems.
  • Highly Adaptable: Designed with a generous volume range of 0.5-300 mL, the DS300 is capable of accommodating various fluid quantities. This wide range of volume ensures adaptability rendering it useful for specific needs.
  • Exceptional Productivity: The DS300 features multiple filling channels working concurrently, resulting in significant productivity augmentation. This feature facilitates undertaking high throughput tasks in a shorter period without compromising precision.
  • Efficiency Maximized: The automatic halt of each channel in absence of a bottle eliminates wastage, thereby optimizing usage and fostering resource conservation—an outstanding upgrade in the field of fluid dispensing.
  • User-centric Interface: The DS300 incorporates an intuitive color LCD touch screen into its design, providing a straightforward and user-friendly approach. This high-tech feature transforms potentially complex operations into simple tasks, accessible to all levels of users.

Redefining precision and efficiency, the DS300 Advanced Four-Channel Dispensing System unites user adaptation, resourcefulness, and efficiency in one versatile package. This advanced tool provides a superior solution for any facility requiring fluid dispensing, confirming its position as an inevitable segment of any high-throughput application.

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