DS100 Four Channels Dispensing System: Mastering Precision and Efficiency

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Achieve efficient, versatile and precise fluid dispensing with the DS100 Four Channels Dispensing System. Enhance productivity with the system’s four independent channels, improve safety measures with the auto-shutdown feature and benefit from easy operation via an intuitive LCD touch screen. Suitable for a volume range between 0.5-100mL, it lends itself to diverse applications in pharmaceuticals, research labs, and manufacturing.



  • Four-Channel Dispensing: Boost productivity with simultaneous, independent flow.
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  • Safety-First Design: Auto-shutdown for secure, worry-free operation.
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  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate easily with an intuitive LCD touch screen.
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  • Wide Volume Range: Versatility for various applications with 0.5-100mL volume range.
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  • Quality Assurance: Expect long-term reliability from superior manufacturing.
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Detailed Product Description: DS100 Four Channels Dispensing System

The DS100 Four Channels Dispensing System is a game-changer in the realm of precision fluid dispensing. With cutting-edge features and advanced technology, this versatile system is built to deliver superb performance across numerous applications.

The DS100 is designed to handle a wide array of fluids and offers an equally broad volume range from 0.5-100mL. This diversified compatibility makes it an invaluable tool for any operation, fundamentally transforming efficiency and accuracy in fluid dispensing.

  • Four-Channel Operations: Stand out with its high-performance four filling channels, all can run simultaneously thus facilitating optimum output and boosting productivity.
  • Safety and Convenience: An intelligent design ensures that each channel automatically stops working if there's no bottle, guaranteeing safety during operation. The DS100 is your assurance for not just efficient operations but also peace of mind.
  • Interactive LCD Touchscreen: A vibrant LCD touchscreen ensures a user-friendly experience by displaying clear and intuitive instructions. This innovative feature drastically simplifies the operation process and softens the learning curve for users.

In a nutshell, the DS100 Four Channels Dispensing System is a powerful tool designed to assist businesses to streamline their operations and achieve unprecedented precision in fluid dispensing. Upgrade your productivity and efficiency with DS100 and set an unparalleled standard for your competition.

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