High Grade 340mm Sterilizing Drum for Medical Devices - Efficient Sterilization Solution

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High-Grade 340mm Sterilizing Drum for Medical Devices – A Comprehensive Sterilization Solution

  • Premium Quality Material: Manufactured from durable Austenitic stainless steel for extended use
  • Advanced Design: Features a secure clip lock lid, seamless surface, and an ergonomic handle
  • Enhanced Sterilization: Optimized air vent system ensures superior steam circulation for effective sanitization
  • Dimension Details: Suitable for various requirements with its 340-350mm diameter, 180-200mm height, and 0.6-0.7mm thickness
  • Hygienically Packed: Individually packed in plastic bags for safety and hygiene
  • Usage Instructions Included: Comprehensive manual detailing product usage and storage conditions is included to ensure best results
  • Effective Use: Avoid overloading for utmost sterilization results
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Revolutionize Your Sterilization Process with High-Grade 340mm Sterilizing Drum for Medical Devices

Invest in health, safety, and efficiency with our unparalleled Advanced Medical Sterilization Drum. Designed for exceptional reliability, our sterilization drum streamlines the sanitizing process of reusable medical devices, equipment, and dressing materials. It's a must-have component for any medical institution that prioritizes hygiene and sterilization.

Solid Construction for Lasting Durability

Built from robust Austenitic stainless steel, our sterilization drum optimizes both strength and endurance while maintaining a smooth surface that is resistant to wear and tear. Sporting a diameter of 340-350mm, a height of 180 to 200mm, and a durable thickness of 0.6-0.7mm, it accommodates a diverse range of medical items while remaining easy to transport.

Feature-Rich Design for Optimal Sterilization

  • Efficient Sterilization: Our sterilizing drum is engineered with a smart vent system that allows for maximal steam distribution, ensuring comprehensive sterilization.
  • User-friendly Operation: After sterilization, the vents can be manually closed to maintain a sterile environment making it effortless to use.
  • Secure Closure: The drum also includes a clip lock and carrying handle for easy and safe transportation and storage.

Recommended Usage Instructions

Achieve optimum sterilization by careful usage of the sterilization drum. To ensure effective steam penetration, do not overload the drum. Close the air vents immediately after the sterilization cycle to maintain sterility.

Packaging and Product Specifications

Each sterilizing drum is individually packaged in a plastic bag with pertinent product information, usage recommendations, manufacturer details, and lot number at your fingertips. The drum weighs approximately 2 kg and has a volume of about 25 dm³, making it easy to store and transport.

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